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The reapers smaller shadow [plot] [reboot] [closed]

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The reapers smaller shadow [plot] [reboot] [closed]

Post by Paige weaver on Sat Nov 15, 2014 1:48 am

Out side the city stood a small cabin and in this very small and very sad cabin and in that cabin was a small girl tied up to a chair and a tall man wearing a mask with a jokers smile. "Awake......Good good you will be of much use to me my little killer."The man chuckled to him self as he slowly dialed a phone and put it up to the girls ear "Leave a message for your sister will you please little one"Nu growled as her sister voice echoed throu the phone "hello? Is this tai tricking me again?..."

"Sister i need help...A man has me"Nu yelled rather pathetically as the man pulled the phone away "Thats right now come here and get her or else she may have a few loose ends.."The man hanged up the phone and smiled as he looked at Nu "So complent to day....Not fun at all"Nu glared at the man "Go fuck your self!"


Rei sent a text having every one she could meet her at the road leaving the vale "Guys i need you now!" Rei texted as she ran to the main road leaving the city.
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