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Opal Clann

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Opal Clann

Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Sun Dec 14, 2014 6:05 pm


Name: Opal Clann

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Gerbil Faunus

Call Sign/Symbol: A white, interlocked, vertical chain of three diamonds, the center diamond is slightly larger than the other two. Based off the symbol of a character from a TV show he enjoyed alot.

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): Year-one Beacon student.

Appearance: (, the one on the right) 5'7 in height. 142 in weight.  Blonde hair in a long ponytail parted by a pair of gerbil ears, blueish-green eyes. Clothing: A white, black and yellow shirt with black jeans, a yellow tie and black and yellow detached sleeves. In combat he leaves out the detached sleeves and tie.

History: Born in the village of Lumiere in the Lume Marsh, just a few minutes before his sister, Garnet, to a small, middle class family. Their early lives weren't very exciting, though Opal was content with it, no distractions from what he thought was important, he and his sister always wanted to be hunters after seeing a show on TV about them, there wasn't any real hunters in the village, they weren't really needed since most Grimm stayed away from the marsh for some reason and the few species that didn't reacted pretty badly to guns and spears, so they were self-taught, they even made their own weapons. (Well... Made them for eachother...) However, one day something interesting happened: When they were 14, they went outside of the village to hunt Grimm, their parents and friends believing they could handle a Grimm on their own at this point, however, one caught them by surprise, a lone "Swampscale", (A Gharial-like Grimm) while Swampscales weren't very dangerous to a full grown man alone due to their weaker jaws compared to other Grimm, they were more than capable of taking a child or young teenager down, Garnet was frozen in pain and fear as the Swampscale charged at her, but Opal's surprise took another form, before the Grimm even reached Garnet, it was suddenly crush by a large stone, this was the moment Opal discovered his semblance, after Garnet calmed down, she looked at Opal with more love than a sister should... Long story short, that's the moment they fell in love. When they got home to the village, Opal showed the village his semblance, the twins' parents felt it was best to temporarily move to Vale so they could get more professional teaching at Signal and hopefully Beacon. After a tearful goodbye they went to Vale, enrolled in Signal and Opal succeeded in every class with flying colours. They eventually both got into Beacon together, this the start of our story...

Personality: Quiet, stoic and professional, yet also passionate and kind. Opal often chooses to look logically at the situation, often missing over the subtle details someone going on instinct would find obvious, but finding subtle details of his own. He's... Really "Close" to his sister and is very protective of her, often to near-psychotic levels should he feel someone a threat to her... Is a closet fiction nerd. Straight.

Strengths: Physically much stronger than he looks. Pretty intelligent. Rather attractive.

Weaknesses: Rather slow fighting style. Will put himself in harms way to protect his sister to near suicidal levels. Is a very bad liar.

Semblance: Geomancy: Using his semblance, Opal has limited control over the dirt and stone around him as well as over raw minerals such as iron and gold (But not the refined versions, this confuses him, but he never really questioned it...) this manifests in many ways (That shall be updated on occasion) such as:
-Rock Slide: A rather basic usage that takes stones from the surrounding area and uses them as projectiles. Aura usage: Varies, but is usually around medium.
-Dust Cloud: A more defensive technique, often used as a distraction or shield, Opal moves the dirt around his feet into a thick cloud, either launching it at the opponent or using it to block a projectile. Aura usage: Varies, but is usually around medium-low.
-Concrete Shell: Another defensive skill, though much more effective at the cost of higher aura usage. Despite the name, Concrete Shell can be used with any number of materials he has control over. Opal covers himself in a thick, makeshift armour of stone/minerals/concrete/Etc. Aura Usage: Medium-High.


Name: Sisyphean Tomahawk

First Form: ( A stylized tomahawk with a reinforced steel head and a wooden handle, on the hand there is a painting of his emblem, a sparrow feather and his sister's name carved in opposite to the emblem.

History: A gift from his sister when they started to get interested in being hunters, he has cherished this tomahawk ever since.

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Re: Opal Clann

Post by Paige weaver on Sun Dec 14, 2014 6:12 pm

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