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Garnet Clann

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Garnet Clann

Post by Drae on Sun Dec 14, 2014 6:05 pm


Name: Garnet Clann

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Gerbil Faunus

Call Sign/Symbol: A white interlocked, vertical chain of three diamonds, the center diamond is slightly larger than the other two. Two chain-swords curve around the edges of the shape, forming a circle around it.

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): Beacon Academy First-Year

Appearance: (One on the left)
Garnet has long blonde hair and green eyes. Her hair runs down her back almost down to her waist, and is parted at the top by two white gerbil ears, much like her twin brother. She generally wears a white and black tank-top with a golden tie and black detached sleeves with a golden trim and seams. She also wears a black skirt with similar accentuation as her shirt with a pair of stocking in the same fashion.

History: Garnet was born in the village of Lumiere in the Lume Marsh a few minutes after her brother, Opal, to a small middle-class family. Their lives weren't too terribly exciting, although Garnet didn't mind too much. At a young age she and her brother became fascinated with hunters and huntresses, having seen a TV show about them early in their lives. Their village didn't really have any real hunters in it, mostly because the local Grimm never strayed close enough to the village to cause trouble, and those who did were fended off with a spear or firearm. As such they were self-taught, and they made their own weapons for one another. However, when they were 14 they went outside the village to hunt, their parents believing that they could handle a Grimm by themselves at this point, however, they were caught by surprise by a Grimm. A single ‘Swampscale’. While Swampscales weren't too dangerous to a full grown man alone due to their comparatively weaker jaws, they were still more than capable of defeating a child or young teenager. Garnet found herself frozen in fear, but her brother’s surprise took a different form entirely. Moments after, Garnet found herself staring at a large rock that had materialized out of nowhere and killed the Swampscale. She turned to her brother and found herself wanting to be ever closer to him. It took a few days after the attack for her to finally name the feeling as ‘being in love’. When they returned home, her brother showed the village his semblance, and the family decided to move to Vale so that the twins could get proper training. After a tearful goodbye, Garnet left with her brother Opal, enrolled at Signal where Garnet discovered her semblance, and passed each and every class with grades equal to or above her brother’s. Eventually they succeeded in getting enrolled into Beacon, which is when our story begins...

Personality: Unlike her brother, Garnet is extremely energetic, and often uses this energy to perform rather ‘flashy’ stunts and tricks during battle. She loves her brother deeply, and would do anything for him. She seems to have a deathly fear of Swampscales, and even the notion of one being nearby causes her to start shaking. She enjoys her brother’s company, and gets rather anxious without being able to know he’s in the same room as she is.

+Added Weapon Reach
+Energetic- Can keep fighting for long periods of time

-Deathly fear of Swampscales
-Nears a breakdown if she can’t see her brother
-Semblance tends to burn her out fairly fast if overused

Semblance: Garnet’s semblance works in two parts. It creates a passive EMP shield around her body that protects her from electric based attacks, and gives her some magnetism powers at close range. it’s active effect takes the place of a large, spinning cyclone of electrifying doom called “Netherstorm”. In essence she starts off with a pirouette that steadily causes her to build up electricity and move faster. She can charge this ability up before using it, and it signals a full charge by causing her Chain Swords to erupt with lightning. This ability uses a moderate amount of Aura at full charge, with the usage decreasing the less of a charge she has when it is activated.


Name: Cloud Waker and Storm Caller

First Form: A pair of gold and black Chain Swords, Waker and Caller- as they are more commonly known- take the form of a pair of Black swords with gold ends on each side of their 10 bladed segments. The segments are connected by a heavy-duty wire that is capable of stretching to incredible lengths to ensure that these 2 feet long blades cover as much distance as possible in their second form.

Second Form: By pressing a release button located on the bottom of the guard, Waker and Caller transform into their second form. The release button disengages the lock that keep these weapons in their primary forms and allows the wire to return to its natural size, doubling the base size of the blades.  In this form, the weapons are extremely flexible, and the segments can be put to use on separate places via swinging the weapon, which has a 12 foot reach when completely stretched, at an opponent. They can also curl around a target and ‘suffocate’ them much like a snake would. Garnet prefers this form when in battle.

Third Form: N/A

History: Given to her by her brother at the same time she gave him his tomahawk.

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Re: Garnet Clann

Post by Paige weaver on Sun Dec 14, 2014 6:12 pm

Paige weaver

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