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I Need the Practice, Soooo...

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I Need the Practice, Soooo...

Post by Requiem on Mon Dec 15, 2014 3:41 am

If you want me to draw, like...a headshot of a couple of your characters, just say who you wanna have drawn and either include a basic physical description and/or the profile for the character at hand. As the topic title says, I need drawing practice, so...feel free to take up on this thing, if you're interested. They're all free, mind you, so yeah. Just keep in mind that it'll only be, like...probably a bust up picture at most, unless I'm on a drawing roll the day I start.

If you want an example of what I'm capable of doing, then just follow the link:

Just finished that thing up a bit more than half an hour ago. Kinda proud of it but not at the same time.

I'm open to taking up most requests - even if the character is female despite the fact that I'm complete crap at drawing chicks - but just remember that I have procrastination issues and am a major, major perfectionist. Your request could be done, like, within twelve hours of posting and me seeing your request if I'm having a good day, or it could get there, like...a week at most at worst. So yeah.

Be warned.

.......Aaaaaand it's, like...almost one in the morning now here in California.
So I shall head off to bed now.


Quick little key:
*'s = Finished, but not posted/linked anywhere quite yet.
+ = Finished and linked.
-> = Started/In progress.
- = Not started.

For Paige Weaver
Balif -

For Reaper

For Empoleon_Blownaparte:

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Re: I Need the Practice, Soooo...

Post by Paige weaver on Mon Dec 15, 2014 9:14 am

well ill trow up balif and i guess mora
Paige weaver

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Re: I Need the Practice, Soooo...

Post by Reaper on Mon Dec 15, 2014 6:22 pm

Hmm... You say you need practice, and judging from the statements you made. I would assume you need practice with female characters more than anything. So... I'm gonna give you two female characters and one male character.

Ze two females:



Also have Rin... do something with him. Draw his Manic State or some thing:

Leaf Konimee- The Lovable, Pervy Koala
Cruciffix Ace- The Stealthy, Slutty Assassin
Koi Akario Raine- The Traumatized Sadist
Natalie Aegis- The Musical Sniper
Melody Aegis- The Railgun
Mizu Furutsu- The Melon Witch
Rin Tachibana- The Grimm Reaper
Ishini Kyruu- The Big Bad Wolf
Kuro Kitai- The Feline Mercenary
Garnet Clann- The Chain-Blade Twin
Shizu Tensai- The Investigator
Kasai Furutsu- The Elementalist
Tyler Takehiko- The Arma-Kata Trainee
Sylvanas/Amaranthe Nightshade- The Sociopath
Shiranai Huzaki- The Blade Princess

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Re: I Need the Practice, Soooo...

Post by Sponsored content

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