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The Band of Evolution: Part One [Reboot Rebooted]

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The Band of Evolution: Part One [Reboot Rebooted]

Post by Requiem on Sat Dec 20, 2014 5:46 pm

(Copied/pasted from Fanon)

Yo, so I’ve heard some shit going around town here and there. Word on the street is that there’s been some weird business just specking around the city of Vale sometime each week or so, relating to some business on abductions and whatnot. From what I’ve heard, there’s this little group, cult…whatever the Hell they are that goes by the name of 'The Band of Evolution.' According from, eeeh…things…that I’ve overheard while walking around, it’s apparently this band of mad experimentalists or some jazz like that that have been picking up random people all throughout Vale. The kidnapped have been reported missing numerous times, and haven't been so much as seen to the public eye for roughly a minimum. Before I go on, I’ll bring up a couple of points that you may be thinking about:

Why the Hell am I talking about this?
Why won’t I just leave this to the cops?

Now, bear with me. On a normal occasion, yes, I would just shut up and move on with my life after hearing something like this. I mean…rumors are rumors, and all. And even if it is true, it would be best to leave this business for more authorized people to deal with. But…I heard something else that’s been sticking with me just last night. I was actually walking back to Beacon after work, yeah? Yeah. On the way there, maybe, what…five, ten minutes from the main entrance? I passed by this group of people who were just being normal and gossiping and stuff. You could guess what they were talking about, probably.

Of course, they were chatting on and on about the experimentalists, and I couldn’t help but catch a few specific points that they had mentioned. Apparently, this little group of testers and whatnot was actually a group that had bound together some months ago, and were just recovering and resurfacing. Their group was discovered by the police maybe half a year ago by now, after their last major mass abduction and testing session. And what did it happen to involve? Turning human-borns into Faunus hybrids, among other things. Hell, I even heard some shit regarding how they apparently also tried to fuse humans together with Grimm, and even succeeded in fusing Grimm with one another for their little efforts.

If things aren’t just one huge, goddamned coincidence…then I was one of the many that was involved in those experiments. Hell, God knows that I wasn’t a Faunus from the start. I admit, being a Faunus has its perks, but…the Hell, man.

I want to learn more about this whole thing. I want to see if these rumors are true.

I want to see the damned monsters that twisted the lives of many by changing them into something that they weren’t by heart.

…Not saying that being a Faunus is bad in any way at all, mind you.
Like I said, it has its perks, and doesn’t lessen their value in any way.

Back to the chase, though. I overheard one last little bit of information. Rumor has it that they’ve relocated to a new base of sorts, since…well, their older one was discovered in the past. Should these things be true, then they’ve set up their new facilities and crap in one of two locations: the Forest of Forever Fall – not too far off from the train tracks, yet somewhat deep in the forest altogether; or some other forest farther out in Remnant, and some ways out of the borderline of the kingdom of Vale. Heard some things about this particular forest, and all…the specific things to take note of being that it’s heavy with snowfall, and chock-full of Grimm, much like a lot of other places in Vale.

I’m planning on running a couple of trips with a friend of mine  – in two days to be exact, that way I have time for preparation. A few other people we know may tag along if they're fast enough, too. It’ll be a one-day exhibition…unless shit goes wrong in any way. The day after, we'll meet up at the restaurant I work part-time at during my break, that way we can discuss matters over a couple some food and drinks. It’s just an offer and all, but if anyone’s crazy enough to join us…Hell, be our guest.

Here’s how things are gonna work. I’ve planned for two groups to search each forest in the same day. I’ll be leading the group that’s traveling to the rumored Snowy Forest out in Remnant, while my friend is gonna be taking charge of the group that’s gonna search Forever Fall. If you’re planning to tag along for the trip, then just haul ass to one of the locations and meet up with one of us. I doubt you’ll miss us. I’ll probably just be up in one of the trees and enjoying the snow toward the forest entrance. As for my friend, who’s gonna be waiting in the front of the forest that he’s in charge of…

…Well, he’s over seven feet tall; nearly eight. Black hair. Has a long, reptilian tail...kinda makes you think of a dragon, since…I mean, that’s the type of Faunus he is.
Also has a lot of distinguishing scars and stitches, so there’s that. Can’t miss him.

The day of the exhibition, we’ve both decided that we’ll wait an hour or so for any possible people to join us. If no one arrives after that, then we’ll just go out and do our own thing.

Just a little call out for those who are interested in the matter.

~Haven Akio Kaibo Kyoujii


Here's the deal. This is a sort of topic reboot that's, er...been rebooted a third time. Yeah.
I gave this little plot a go twice on Fanon, but there was minimal activity on all three threads that I created there. I gotta say that I was somewhat disappointed by it because I had a lot of things in store for this specific plot, alongside some character development for my first RWBY character, Haven. After some thought, I've decided to give it another go- but here, rather on Fanon. Partially because I've become rather scarce on Fanon lately, and partially because...well, I know everyone here is active enough to at least post once or twice a day.

If it isn't obvious enough, this revolves primarily around Haven as of now, though also includes Corvou. If I manage to get a couple of my characters up and running as the thread is still going, I'll be throwing them in, too.

There's gonna be two groups: one heading to the Snowy Forest, and another heading to the Forest of Forever Fall. Haven will be leading the one to the Snowy Forest, while Corvou is leading the one to the remaining location. If the threads are successful, then there will be a third thread - as was planned on Fanon during the second reboot - for the characters involved to share whatever information they found out, if there's any at all. Eventually, there will more than likely be other topics following that information overview thread that will end up connecting the backgrounds of the majority of my characters, if not all. Yep. They're all connected and I have plans for all of them. I plan for there to be a lot of action involved in all of said threads, so there shouldn't be any situations concerning boredom.

Feel free to sign as many characters as you want up for this thing, regardless of their gender or things like that. In my eyes, the more characters there are, the more activity there should be. And...well...if there's activity, then these threads should have no problem taking off. That's how I see it.
Just make sure that you're able to manage all of them smoothly.

Buuuuut, enough of my ranting. Onto the signups.

1 ||| Haven Akio Kaibo Kyoujii
2 ||| Sicarius Puella [Empoleon_Blownaparte]
(Slots will be added as/if people sign up.)

*1?* ||| Sianna Himiko Yukiko Kyoujii(? - If accepted in time.)
2 ||| Mizu Furutsu (Reaper)
(Slots will be added as/if people sign up.)

Current Characters Signed Up: 3(4?).
Thread has beeen created.

1 ||| Corvou Dracul Kurogane Azuryn
*2?* ||| Angelo Jaehyun Arc(? - If accepted in time.)
3 ||| Peter Born [Empoleon_Blownaparte]
(More slots will be added as/if people sign up.)

1 ||| Ishini Kyruu (Reaper)
(Slots will be added as/if people sign up.)

Current Characters Signed Up: 3(4?)
Thread has been created.

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Re: The Band of Evolution: Part One [Reboot Rebooted]

Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Sat Dec 20, 2014 8:38 pm

Sign Pete up for Forever fall and Sic up for Snowy Forest

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Re: The Band of Evolution: Part One [Reboot Rebooted]

Post by Reaper on Mon Dec 22, 2014 4:21 am

I'll sign Ishi up for Forever Fall and Mizu for Snowy

Leaf Konimee- The Lovable, Pervy Koala
Cruciffix Ace- The Stealthy, Slutty Assassin
Koi Akario Raine- The Traumatized Sadist
Natalie Aegis- The Musical Sniper
Melody Aegis- The Railgun
Mizu Furutsu- The Melon Witch
Rin Tachibana- The Grimm Reaper
Ishini Kyruu- The Big Bad Wolf
Kuro Kitai- The Feline Mercenary
Garnet Clann- The Chain-Blade Twin
Shizu Tensai- The Investigator
Kasai Furutsu- The Elementalist
Tyler Takehiko- The Arma-Kata Trainee
Sylvanas/Amaranthe Nightshade- The Sociopath
Shiranai Huzaki- The Blade Princess

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Re: The Band of Evolution: Part One [Reboot Rebooted]

Post by Requiem on Mon Dec 22, 2014 11:08 am

And...well, I just kinda scrubbed the 'minimum amount of characters to start either thread' thing. I'll just get it started shortly.

If anyone's still interested, they can still sign up. Just have their characters come as late arrivals, or something. Just have them walking through either forest and coincidentally encounter the groups, or, like...I dunno, have them be searching for the others but encounter some kinda Grimm, forcing them to be chased to the group's location or something. Hell, have them fall from the sky for all I care. You can be creative with your late entry.


Threads have been posted and can be find in the initial post under the corresponding group.

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Re: The Band of Evolution: Part One [Reboot Rebooted]

Post by Sponsored content

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