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Leaf Kominee

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Leaf Kominee

Post by Drae on Tue Sep 09, 2014 8:05 pm

Name: Leaf Kominee

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Koala Faunus

Symbol: A golden cross inside a yellow circle, with bright flames burning beneath

Occupation: Fourth Year Beacon Student

Appearance: Leaf is 5’11” (1.8 meters) and weighs around 123 lbs (55.79 KG). She is normally seen wearing a bright green tanktop, along with a pair of shorts. Her main faunus features are her ears, which are a dark chocolate in color, and her sleeping habits (although she tries very hard to not sleep more than 15 hours at a time). Whilst in battle this changes to a white and gold  silk cloak atop a cloth robe of similar coloring, as well as a pair of spaulders of similar coloring and materia to her robe. She has fairly large breasts, and is often quite bashful when they are mentioned. She has light green eyes as well as blond hair.

History: Leaf was born on a far eastern island, where the good majority of Faunus were either Pandas or Koalas, or some other marsupial Faunus. She was born into one of the islands many royal families, and as such was raised from a young age to care for others, as well as be a good leader in the process. One day at the age of seven she came across an aged Panda Faunus kneeling in front of an church, his ankle sprained and rendering him unable to move. It was then that she discovered her Semblance, and healed the old man of his injury. She soon began to visit that church daily, believing that the island’s god, Hikari, had blessed her with this power. During an attack on the area her family ruled over at the age of 10 however, she found a different use for it in combat, curing her allies of their injuries while inflicting the same ones on her attackers. Two years later her parents brought back gifts from their short trip abroad, where they had talked with Beacon officials about sending her daughter to the academy, as she had begun showing remarkable prowess within the small island’s only combat school. When she first arrived at Beacon, Leaf was quiet, and normally kept to herself unless she was directly spoken to. Upon being introduced to her new team, Team LYRE (Leaf, Yumi, Ron, Eu), she became much more talkative, often starting many of the conversations within her team. However, shortly before the end of her second year, the team was disbanded for reasons Leaf would rather not talk about. She still stays in contact with Eu and Yumi, although she hasn’t heard from Ron in a long while.

Personality: Leaf is a very cheerful person, and always tends to look at the bright side of things, even if the bright side is obscure and hard to find. She is extremely friendly, and loves making friends. She is a very skilled drums player, but has a tendency to munch on her drumsticks due to the fact that they are a type of sacred plant from her homeland, and are constantly growing leaves. However, she is also quite perverted, but manages to keep it all to herself underneath her happy-go-lucky demeanor. She will not hesitate to help those in need, and she has developed herself around this. However, she is not in the SLIGHTEST a morning person, and most who wake her up before 7:00 am will find their left eye speared on the end of a drumstick. She tends to bury sadness beneath a happy guise when faced with it. Bisexual.

Strengths: -Wide knowledge of various medicinal herbs and medicines
-Willing to help
-Excellent Leader
-Skill with dual-wielding weapons
-One-handed Weapon expert
-Staff expert
-Willing to sacrifice herself for a friend or teammate

-Tends to sleep in extremely late
-Tendency to put herself into dangerous situations due to her willingness to help

Semblance: The Balance of Heaven and Hell (Aka The Healer’s Burden)- Upon activating this ability, Leaf can heal any injury endured by allies within a 30 foot radius, and then transfer said injury to another target, be it herself, another ally, or an enemy within a 50 foot radius. However, this ability uses Aura based on how serious the injury is i.e: A bullet wound to the chest would use up a lot more aura than a slashed palm. The major downside is that if she doesn’t transfer the injury to another target within five seconds after curing it, she herself is forced to endure the injury, meaning she can quite possibly kill herself using it.

Weapon 1:


Primary Form: Lightcaller takes the form of an ornate silver and gold staff that is worn on Leaf’s back while she is wearing her battle gear, outside of battle, it collapses to create a small case for Kalipso and Rocky. The staff is a little higher than Leaf from tip to tip, and as such the transformation requires a bit of time, although she has attained muscle memory when it comes to the transformation, and can do it a good deal faster than she could during her first year. As such transformation only takes about 3-5 seconds, depending on how much sleep Leaf has had that day.

Weapon 2:

Kalipso and Rocky

Primary Form: Kalipso and Rocky take the forms of Leaf’s drumsticks while she is outside of combat. While in this form their only remarkable feature are the leaves that are constantly growing on Kalipso, as Rocky lacks the traits required to grow the leaves.

Secondary Form: In their secondary form, Kalipso and Rocky transform into two very sharp wooden longswords. Kalipso is considerably less useful than Rocky, as the latter secretes a deadly poison that slowly immobilizes the target, before finally killing them a few hours after the initial contact. Kalipso however, is capable of enhancing Leaf’s aural abilities, allowing her to be able to heal more serious wounds without using as much aura.

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