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Koi Akario "Lucy" Raine

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Koi Akario "Lucy" Raine

Post by Drae on Tue Sep 09, 2014 8:06 pm

Name:  Koi Akario Raine (Goes by Lucy)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Occupation: Second Year Beacon Student
Species: Faunus (Kitsune)
Symbol: A blood red circle with a black guillotine inside, the edges of the guillotine are a slightly darker red than the rest of the circle.
Face Claim:

Anime: Koreha Zombie Desuka? (Is This a Zombie?)
Character: Eucliwood Hellscythe
Lucy generally wears a purple dress along with several pieces of plate armor. The armor acts as an enhancer to her abilities, and suppresses the side effects so that they are much more bearable. She generally carries around a small notepad and pen, despite the fact that she does have the ability to speak. She has silver hair and blue eyes, and has small scars on her wrists underneath all her armor from self-inflicted wounds. She is 5 foot 3 inches (1.6 meters) and weighs about 110 pounds (49.89 kilograms).
Personality: Lucy has a rather interesting personality. Her semblance has the unique side effect of causing her to be rather sadistic, although it can be neutralized should her aura drop below 25%. She tends to communicate with a notepad due to personal preferences. She has some suicidal tendencies, evident by the scars on her wrists, which tend to make her a danger to herself. She also has some pseudo-murderous tendencies, often greeting people with a threat that she no doubt has the full ability to carry out. However, underneath all this she is extremely kind and caring, and will tend to do whatever it takes to help her allies. She tends to behave rather cutely while her semblance’s sadism effect is disabled, and as such tends to become everyone’s little sister. She tends to bury her emotions however, but has a lot more trouble doing so when she’s under the spotlight.
After Downfall Lucy is far more open about her feelings, and is often seen as being adorable due to this. It is suspected that this is how she would have turned out naturally if her father hadn't been abusive.

History: Raised in a fairly well-off family, Lucy’s life was good to any person who didn’t know the young girl personally. She had an abusive father, and her mother died in a car crash when she was two years old. Lucy often contemplated suicide, and eventually developed her current tendencies. She attended Signal when she was of the appropriate age, and was found to have a rather large aura reservoir, as well as the innate ability to create objects out of her Aura. There she constructed her ‘weapon’ Hydra, and learned to use her Constructs to combat her enemies. However, it was by this time she had started to communicate using her notepad, and her developing murderous intentions, caused by her recent discovery of her semblance, pushed other students away, thus causing her to be alone for the remainder of her time at Signal.
Shortly after she left for Beacon, her father was found with lying on the floor decapitated, his head lying in a basket by the door. Lucy has denied anything to do with her father’s death, and when questioned further, she tends to become violent. She doesn’t remember when she got her armor, which suggests that she was traumatized during or shortly after the incident when she received them.

After the events of Nightmare's Downfall, Lucy developed amnesia and no longer remembers her past life.

-Due to her large aura reservoir, she can keep fighting for quite some time without stopping.
-She can conceal her emotions easily, and will often not react to situations that change her mental state outside of battle.
-She understands how a person’s aura functions, and is much more in-tune with her own aura.
-While she is able to take out foes from a distance and at close range, she tends to be emotionally unstable, and may blow up at the slightest insult.
-She has attempted to kill herself several times, and shows no signs of halting her attempts.
-She tends to believe that no one cares about what happens to her, and tends to push others away due to this.
-She has an unstable emotional state, and will sometimes go off without notice.
-She tends to get frustrated if she can’t manage to hit her target, and as such will go to far more drastic measures than needed.

Semblance: Aura Control
Via her semblance, Lucy can change the way her aura resonates in order to create her buff herself. It has a rather strange side effect, which has effectively turned Lucy into a rather quiet soul. It has been proven that it is due to this ability that she is a sadist.
Aura: Cannon
Boosts Lucy’s attack, while reducing her defensive capabilities, effectively making her a glass cannon
Aura: Bunker
Boosts Lucy’s defense, while reducing her offensive capabilities, making her a rather tough target to kill.
Aura: Art of War.
Reduces Lucy’s attack and defense for 30 seconds, turning her into a rather easy target, however once the 30 seconds are up, her offensive and defensive capabilities are both boosted to 150% their normal rate, she can only keep this state up for a total of 45 seconds before she runs out of Aura.
Passive: It is this portion of the ability that causes Lucy to be a sadist, although should she drain most of her aura, this effect would cease to function. It has been theorized by her psychiatrist that should she drain her aura enough to disable this function repeatedly, about 15 times to be exact, then she should be able to neutralize the effect entirely, allowing her to return to being a normal person.

Weapon 1:
Name: Hydra
Primary Form: Hydra takes the form of two small gems imbedded in the cloth on the palm of Lucy’s hands. The gems reduce the amount of Aura she uses whilst creating her constructs, and allows her to use short bursts of propulsion dust to raise herself off the ground.
History: Crafted while she was attending Signal, Lucy has held on to Hydra, and rarely removes it. While she can naturally create constructs without its use, she utilizes it in order to keep herself in the field longer.
Weapon 2:
Name: Hell and Hades
Primary Form: Hell and Hades take the forms of two twin javelins, each capable of directing Lucy’s aura and releasing it as a fast-moving explosive orb. They are only able to be wielded when Lucy has sufficient Aura to construct them, but can be thrown and wielded normally.
Reference Image for Hell and Hades:

Misc information:
-She is quite good at playing the lyre, and is sometimes seen playing rather creepy songs on one.
Lyre Reference Image:
-She has a strange love for the spotlight, despite her outward personality, and seems to stop burying her emotions as much when she is in it.
-She is quite the amazing singer, but rarely feels able to perform to the best of her ability in this medium.
-She has the ability to create a wide range of objects with her Aura, the full list is below.
List of Constructs:

Aura blade- Constructs an airborne blade that Lucy can send at the target, up to 5 of these may be active at a time. Aura cost- Low
Aura Cage- Constructs a cage that keeps the target from jumping upward to avoid attacks. Aura cost- Low
Aura Spire- Causes a large spike of Aura to erupt from the ground, impaling anything caught on it. Aura Cost- Medium
Aura Cannon- Constructs a large Cannon which fires explosive orbs of Lucy’s Aura. Construct Cost- Low. Fire Cost- Medium.
Aura Blockade- Constructs a wall of Aura in front of the target, which absorbs damage based on how much Aura Lucy has left. Aura Cost- Low.
Aura Sword- Constructs a Shortsword out of Lucy’s aura, which can then be used for close-range combat. Aura Cost- Medium.
Aura Tower- Constructs a Tower that raises Lucy out of melee range. Aura Cost- High
Aura Guardian- Constructs a giant stone statue that fights for Lucy. Guardian Health- High Guardian Damage- Low. Aura Cost- Exponential
Aura Fist- Constructs a massive fist that knocks the target to the ground
Aural Torture- Constructs a medieval Rack around the target, constricting their movement (Not used in battle). Aura Cost- Medium.
Summon Hell and Hades: Constructs two Javelins out of Lucy’s aura. (Main Combat). Aura Cost- Low
Aura Whip- Constructs a Whip out of Lucy’s Aura. Rarely Used in Combat. Aura Cost- Low
Temporal Rift- Creates a Black Hole out of Lucy’s aura, sucking up and killing anything sucked inside, even Lucy herself. Lasts for three seconds. Aura Cost- Exponential. Activates unconsciously when Lucy’s emotional state interferes with her Aura.

Trivia/Interesting Facts:
-Her First and Middle name, when said together, are Japanese for Blood Red.

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