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Killua Emerald || Done

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Killua Emerald || Done

Post by Killua on Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:43 pm


   Name: Killua Emerald

   Age: 16

   Gender: Female

   Species: Human

   Call Sign/Symbol:

   Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): Thief, Assassin, Bounty Hunter First Year


(The one the right)

They say that madness works in many ways. Tall and lanky that sometimes its hard to see an ounce of fat on her. She has no chest nor butt although those things don't seem to matter to her. She stands at 5'4" and weighs around 120lbs. Although it doesn't stop there Her skin is as pale as the snow. She is always seen in a blood red jacket that is able to zip all the way up covering her face. She wears stockings that are red and green and go all the way up her thigh. Its hard to see but she wears short black shorts that are hidden under the red jacket. Without clothes though Killua has many scars, bullet holes, and knife wounds on her body. Even with the pale white skin they skill appear. She also has a gear tattoo on her back that stretches from her neck all the way down to the middle of her back. She got it to cover the scars and wounds although they can still be seen. Another thing that most people notice is that Killua does not wear shoes. Shoes are something she hates wearing. Not only that but she wears brown gloves that are rubber although has rubber in the tips. Her clothes have tiny amounts of trances of rubber in them as well woven in with the fabric.

Killua's face is what people find weird. She has almost neon green hair that is short. She has 3 gear strips that go across her face. Although that's not the only thing. She has long eye lashes that help boost her red and green eyes. She has two metal snake bites on her lip and her tongue is decorated in metal as well. Killua also cannot see. She is blind. Although it doesn't look like that because of her acrobat like body that is extremely flexible.


From the moment Killua was born, she had nothing for her. There was nothing in her name. There was nothing in her eyes. There was nothing that would tie Killua to this world. She was born in secret. She was kept underground. She was banished from all living things. She was raised in secret. Until she was old enough to walk on her own. She was banished to the outdoors to live in the city sewers. Although she was saved by a group of thief’s and assassins that took her in. They weren’t exactly the family type. They were cold and very strong. Killua had to become one to be accepted. To live in this world she found out, she had to be strong. She had to be the hunter. As a young small girl she grew up knowing that the best thing to do was to hold her head up high above those. She didn’t have teddy bears, she had guns. She didn’t have a warm bed, she had the cold hard ground. She didn’t have the welcoming and happiness of a family, she had the harsh reality and the snapping coldness of the outdoors. What was greeted to by the girl if she did something wrong was torture. Torture was something she knew so much about by the time she was a middle scholar. Actually when the assassins came into play Killua at the age of 10 was helping with torturing the victims they brought.

Most of the people the assassins brought in were those that needed to be tortured for the crimes they committed. Killua held on that what she was doing was justice. Although that came to a close curtain when she tortured a woman. She was innocent and Killua had to slit her throat. Every time Killua took a life it was hurting her. She had to find excuses to keep her going. Justice. Justice. Justice. That was all Killua thought. It was for justice, but to kill an innocent woman. That was not justice. In the end Killua made her own weapon. The assassins praised her on her work. Although what they never expected was her killing every single one of them. She had discovered her Semblance during this massacre.  Those that did make it out in time called Killua the insane. The assassin group was disband that night.

Killua turned in most of their heads for money. Money that she used to buy a small apartment and read. It was enough money to let her survive for about 5 years by herself. At this time Killua was only 13. She began studying in the local library on everything about the outside world. She was found with her head in the book as the man accepted her to beacon. Saying that she had potential to be a Huntress. Killua only agreed to join to ease her boredom.


Killua is the opposite of sane. Although she can be the most sanest person out there. Killua is intoxicating with her personality. She loves to mess with people. Always looking at them in the eyes and never anywhere else. She plays with people like they are food. Always acting as the hunter rather than the hunted. She is confident, so confident that people might say she is prideful. But sadly Killua doesn't care about herself making people even more confused about herself. Unlike most women she is not an open book, even when people think she is. Being an open book must mean she is easy to read which is true, Killua is easy to read, but then she can close down easily. One minute she can be playful and almost seductive and then cold and taunting.

Having no friends, she treats them highly. Although she does have a strange problem where she can drop them like a dead body. Killua can easily make friends just as easily to drop them. Although as a friend she is kind of soft and nice, but can be fierce sometimes. Unlike most people she voices her opinion very loudly and isn't afraid if people judge her. Actually she loves when those judge her. It boosts her self esteem by ten thousand when people talk about her.

Sadness is one thing that does not bring this girl down. Actually people don't believe it exists. This women feels no sadness. Whether it comes to those that she kills human or nonhuman or those that talk about their pasts. She doesn't take well to those that feel sadness and want her to pity them. She is fierce and is not afraid to voice her opinions pretty clearly. Killua is quick and seems to push her moral beliefs on people sometimes. Even if its the hardest way possible. Killua is not afraid to rip people to shreds were they stand even if it is a weak state.

-Quick, Super faster
-Very Acrobatic
-Able to see in the Night
-Highly Skilled in the medical field.

-Weak, Not strong
-Not very active in Rainy weather
-Always Hungry
-Can sleep for a whole Day

Assassin's Grace

Almost like a force field around herself she can predict movements from those 5 feet around her. She is able to sense people around her. Her senses are able to 'see' those around her. Touch, smell, hearing, and taste are awaken to their fullest able to let her become the perfect assassin. Her footsteps are lighter than most and she is more swift than most people. She is able to predict people's movements at times. Killua is also able to move quicker than most people and move into their blind spots almost like she is invisible although she is hiding. Being like this made her the perfect killer. Although this ability works when Killua is not wearing shoes. This also works when her eyes are not covered meaning no glasses. Not only that she is able to conceal her presence. Meaning that even when talking to her and staring at her people can forget Killua easily. She has no presence what so ever meaning that in class teachers can skip over her name and never call on her because she is a no body. She can appear invisible at times.


   Name: Mercy

   First Form:

Two batons that are made out of strong metals. They are able to leave internal bleeding when hitting a regular person. Not only that they are built with thunder like dust. When hitting a person it can send shock waves that can stun them like a stun gun. it sends a bolt of electricity through the body that can injure a person vital organs. It can also led them to falling on the ground in paralyze for a few minutes. For grimm the electricity can enhance and after 10 hits to a grimm can leave it on the ground for a whole hour.

   Second Form:

By combining the two batons it becomes a staff. It generates more electricity this way and can even use shock waves all around her just by slamming it into the ground. It is able to shock those around her and make them fly about about 2 or 3 feet. That's not the only thing, the tip of the staff is the most charged meaning if someone is hit in the chest with that namely the heart. The will under go such strong voltage that can leave them to have a heart attack. With grimm it works the same way. Hitting a grim with the point can lead them paralyze and cooked inside.

   Third Form:

Final form of the staff turns into a yari. it is powered up to the fullest by electricity dust that it covers the tip. The electricity jumps out and it resembles a blade in a certain way. Sparks jump out so even if Killua misses the sparks can burn a person especially since its live electricity. Not only that, but she can also throw the yari about 15 meters at almost 25 mph. When it is thrown only the first half is thrown as Killua keeps the second half. Having the second half she is able to control where the first half. She is able to do this because of electricity that follow between the metal pieces. Killua is able to control the first half for about 15 meters after 15 meters it automatically stops.

Made by a strong metal and is filled with dust. This weapon was formed by Killua when she was little.

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Re: Killua Emerald || Done

Post by Paige weaver on Wed Jan 28, 2015 4:53 pm

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