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Lizhu Latasha Kang

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Lizhu Latasha Kang

Post by Purpose on Sun Feb 01, 2015 3:26 am


Name: Lizhu Latasha Kang

Age: 17 years; Born on April 1st

Gender: Female

Species: Panda Faunus {Ears and tiny stub tail]

Call Sign/Symbol: A white panda paw with claws seemingly tearing the paper [Black Background] , with 2 bamboo sticks crossed behind in an x shape

Occupation(s)/Student Year: First Year Student, Hobbyist violin/fiddle player

This teen’s stature comes quite a bit under her counterpart’s, coming in only at 5”7 ¾ in height compared to his towering stature. Being albino, her hair comes in a bright unsoiled white, looping in curls and also being slightly puffy. Also, her eyes come in a fierce crimson, and are usually surrounded in heavy panda smudged eyeliner.  Her pale skin is usually covered up in heavy clothes so she doesn’t sunburn, as the fragile state of her skin often would cause her to do. Everything she wears comes in different shades of black, but is usually adorned with her favorite coat with white stripes on the sleeves. Also, when going out, she tends to wear colored contacts to hide the red of her eyes. She usually carries a black half of the yingyang symbol on a charm bracelet.

History: Refer to Fangli's history

Personality: Lizhu tends to be withdrawn when around others, distant and seemingly off in another place within her mind. This distance tends to separate her from her peers, but she does not do so out of spite. Her brain simply doesn’t exactly process exactly how social interactions go, or she generally isn’t interested in the conversation. This distance however changes whenever her brother is present. She becomes more attentive and is able to keep herself within reality, and will generally perk up from her apathetic look to a new look of excitement and general happiness. The reason for this is her deeply rooted connection with him, which will most likely lead to incestous relations later.

+Currently able to remain pretty levelheaded
+Long years of martial arts practice leave her in complete control of her body. Balance is hers, and flexibility is a must.
+Broke her right hand a couple of times as a kid so the bone is now hard. Serious right hook when she punches.

-Lack of aggression and/or drive
-Feet pronate inward. This causes lots of stress on the insides of her feet and can not walk or run for long periods without pain.
-Harsh sunlight easily burns her skin. Wearing long all black clothes in Summer can easily dehydrate her

Semblance: Air manipulation- She can create wind, from a gentle breeze to a strong gust. At its strongest potential, she can create a tornado and she herself becomes the "eye" of it. The tornado will move around here, sucking in anything and anyone who enter her range and tosses them out at certain height.


Name: Ribbon

First Form: A lengthy chain with a hooked end. The other end is a small ball type weight.

Second Form: The weight lengthens into a handle and spikes riddle the metal of the chain. It now takes the form of a spiked chain whip.

History: Achieved via Fangli after a crapton of begging for him to find her one

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Re: Lizhu Latasha Kang

Post by Requiem on Sun Feb 01, 2015 10:54 am

I'll just go and stamp this profile as Approved now, woops.

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