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Brenin Golau X

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Brenin Golau X

Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Mon Feb 02, 2015 3:28 am


Name: Brenin Golau X

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Call Sign/Symbol: A highly detailed pair of pistols crossed over a red sillohueted rose.

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): Second-year Beacon Student. Heir to the Golau Industries Dust Company

Appearance: (Face claim: ) 6'0. 153 in weight. Blonde hair, usually in a ponytail, though it's sometimes worn out. Violet eyes. In day-to-day life he often wears something you'd expect to see more on a pirate captain than a student: A long red clock with black and dark blue highlights, long puffy pants, large red boots and a cravat. In battle he wears the same thing.

History: Son of Brenin Golau IX, CEO of the Golau Industries Dust Company, born in the city of Vale, Brenin was given a rather sheltered life, he was constantly training in multiple areas, his most focused on area was marksmanship, his father wanted him to take up the family business as best he could and every CEO of Golau Industries had gone to Beacon since it's founding. Nothing much interesting besides training happened between his birth and his approval to Beacon.

Personality: Cocky, boisterous and seemingly narcisistic, but in the end, all of it is just him stating facts, he never brags about his skills with a sword after all, but you'll always here something about his accuracy in a firefight. Despite his bragging, he is a kind, gentle and charitible man, often quite a bit of his generous allowance to charities and local businesses for the sake of helping the city. In combat he can be... Scarily calm and precise, no matter what the situation is, whatever he's doing in the fight, he only ever has a calm smile on his face, even if it's a raging battle against the most dangerous Grimm he's met, he just smiles and shoots, when asked he says "They're just targets, what's there to fear?" this has raised some false claims of instability when in reality it's just way too much confidence...

Strengths: "Give up" is not in his vocabulary. High Aura. Extremely goood with his pistol. Agile and extremely good at parkour. Honourable. Many powerful connections. Amazingly wealthy. His bragging can leave a doubting opponent off-guard.

Weaknesses: Neither are "Restraint", "subtlety" or "overconfident". Refuses to cheat or fight dirty, even when it's necessary. Not good with close range combat. Can sometimes be blinded by pride.

Semblance: Roses of Brenin X: This semblance has two uses, a long range use and a close range use:
Long Range: Petals of Brenin X: A flurry of razor sharp energy in the shape of red rose petals that is shot from his hand. In combat he often uses this alongside his pistol.
Short Range: Thorns of Brenin X: A self-buff effect that causes Brenin's hands and arms to be coated in a red, spikey aura. He only uses this when he's forced into short range combat..


Name: Blodeou

First Form: A dark-brown antique pistol with golden highlights, while simple, this pistol is a durable and powerful weapon.

History: A family heirloom of the Golau family, built and used by Brenin Golau I, the founder of Golau Industries

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Re: Brenin Golau X

Post by Paige weaver on Mon Feb 02, 2015 8:35 pm

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