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The Cruise of Pirates || Closed

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Re: The Cruise of Pirates || Closed

Post by Killua on Tue Feb 24, 2015 11:29 pm

Ceil could feel his hands roam her body. The only thing keeping him from touching her was the bed sheets. Although she could feel the heat from his hand touch the blankets. "STOOOOOOOOOOP!" Ciel let out a scream as she elbowed the guy in the face and then kicked his knee popping it out and then threw him over her shoulder. Her eyes were brimmed with tears, "Don't touch me... Don't touch me." Ciel repeated as she dropped to her knees. She let clutched her arms holding her body shivering.

The ship already was docked to the cruise ship. The girl smiled happily as she saw Ciel. The woman walked over to her, "What have you guys done to my flower?" The woman titled Ciel's head up looking into her red eyes. Then the pirate woman turned towards Luz. She saw the bees flying around him. A grin showed over her mouth as she pulled out her sword. She then sliced the air creating a gust of wind blowing the bees back, "You interrupting dear child." The pirate then threw Ciel on to the ship, with that she threw some other members of the crew. She looked at her crew mates, "you blew up the engine right?" The crew mate nodded. "Huh.. Were could Angel and Jackal be?.. mmm. Tell them to meet up with me later. I leave the rest to you guys." The lady pirate laughed at Luz. Pointing her sword at him, "Lets play a game... Its called. Hide and seek. Your it." The lady pirate then got on her ship as she pushed off from the cruise ship. The pirate ship started to drift away slowly.


"I have always made it a accustomed to introduce myself. My name is Jackal. Jackal Huges." The man smiled a big smile as he twirled his scythes in the air. When the white tiger attack. The man did all he can to defend. His heel came up trying for his chest but was greeted with the scythes crossed over blocking his attack. The man then bent down as the attack missed. Then swiping his leg over the ground trying to trip the lion. The man then rolled back words and let out a spark of electricity with his scythes. A smile was wide over his lips, "You pretty good kid."


The girl smiled happily as she got to her feet, She had her head titled in a weird way. She then picked up the body of the man and threw it at the electricity that seemed to be coming her way. It bought her time to shoot the ground creating ice barriers to block the attack. Loading her guns she then started shooting what seemed to be fire balls at the man. "Come on deary.. Why don't you come silently. I just wanna make you mine!!"

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Re: The Cruise of Pirates || Closed

Post by Paige weaver on Wed Feb 25, 2015 12:30 am

luz started to tap his foot as he looked at the ship curiosity "Game? I was just coming up here to scare people........oh well games are fun to hehe." luz said with an wide eyed grin as he charged at the ship before jumping and catching onto it barley with his hands as he dangled there he grinned more as his lotus began to swarm up as he pulled him self onto the ship. "Now where did you take the girl? about this tall bunny ears."luz said as he put his hand up to about where he was "I need to have a chat with her she kinda stole all the boys from me hehe."
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Re: The Cruise of Pirates || Closed

Post by Requiem on Wed Feb 25, 2015 9:11 am

At the attempted legsweep, Baihu did lose his balance for a quick moment, though quickly stumbled back onto a secure position upon his heels soon afterwards. Swiftly, he ducked down at the electrical charge, immediately shooting forward another time from his crouched position and towards the man afar. "I seriously, seriously could give less of a flying fuck about who you are...!" the crossbreed snapped sharply while swinging his left gauntlet down, firing into the floor all around his target. As soon as a plethora of iced figures began forming around his feet, Baihu activated his semblance once more, immediately sweeping himself away and to a safer distance. Running along the perimeter of the deck, he fired the occasional Dusted sniper bullet at the man - whom he had hoped that he at least trapped temporarily or caught off-guard from the Ice maneuver - which did give a trail on where he was going, though proved to be erratic as he dashed to and fro freely and speedily around the floor. His pattern was unpredictable as he moved.

The Ice-and-Lightning-Infused trails that he was giving would be brought to a full stop as the tiger bounded onto another higher platform in silence some ways away from the area that he had fired his bullets, taking cover behind a few lower structures while readjusting his ammo load. Getting within the rounds of both gauntlets, he quickly added a few Fire bullets to his right gauntlet and Earth and Air bullets into the left one. Once locked and loaded again, he took a deep breath before turning himself around to face the structures behind him. Lifting his gauntlet-clad hands up towards the wall, he muttered quietly before firing at the barricade, releasing a force of an Earth and Fire Dust explosion, which sent him propelling backwards back to Jackal. While still remaining within his unseen form, he gave a couple of flips mid-air before landing dangerously near the pirate. Upon impact, he punched both of his fists into the ground, releasing a rippling effect of both Fire and Lightning Dust that spanned powerfully around. The force of the strike caused Bai to become airborne once more, enabling him easy evasion as the Dust did its temporary thing.

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Re: The Cruise of Pirates || Closed

Post by Reaper on Wed Feb 25, 2015 9:06 pm

Kuro smirked in response to the girl's actions. She thinks it fires lighting bolts at her. Heh heh. Wrong Paradigm, sweetheart, He thought darkly before sending a miniscule amount of his aura into the blade and practically teleporting past the short distance between he and the girl. The fireballs missing completely due to the temporary distortion caused from moving so quickly. His blade held tight to his side and pointing upwards at the girl's chest as he materialized and lunged forward with the weapon. "I don't associate with criminals," He said calmly as his blade sped towards his opponent.

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Re: The Cruise of Pirates || Closed

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