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Beacon court yard/first day open to all

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Beacon court yard/first day open to all

Post by lord of pantsu on Thu Sep 11, 2014 10:11 pm

Balif sat under one of the few trees in the court yard reading a book the sun was out a clear with little to no noise it was perfect for the anti social book worm especially for his first day back in beacon "Ahh this is nice finally a place where i wont get yelled at for reading all day!"Balif thought happy as his mind shifted to his first year at beacon glad that the noisy 4th years where long gone and no more food fights would ruin his books. Balif looked up for a second and noted the few people before beginning to read again "Nothing can mess this up.
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Re: Beacon court yard/first day open to all

Post by Reaper on Sat Sep 13, 2014 5:03 pm

Rin walked into the courtyard, taking a mental note of the small number of people, as well as the wolf faunus who seemed to enjoy being able to read.
That raises some questions I'd rather not ask, he thought, shrugging his shoulders before sitting down on the ground. Taking a small Onyx gem from his back pocket, he gently dislodged the one on his right wrist, which was shattered in more places than one. I really need to watch where I end up, he thought, scolding himself for not paying attention to the sheer amount of blood that the situation had caused. If these keep breaking every time I lose control, I'm going to run out before I can get more.

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