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Lab Character Guidelines

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Lab Character Guidelines

Post by Reaper on Sat Jun 20, 2015 7:01 pm

Below are the rules and regulations concerning the creation and approval of Lab Characters. Please note that a Lab Character is any character who has been genetically or physically modified with the intent of some experimental knowledge or scientific gain. It is advised to read the following guidelines thoroughly before submitting a character. Characters whose creators do not meet both of the pre-requisites will be tagged with [Lockdown] to inform other Committee members that the character in question is not to be reviewed until further notice. The following are subject to change without notice.

Section 1: The Pre-Requisites

-Any account that wishes to create and upload a Lab Character must fulfill both of the following requirements before the character is to be screened.

--The account in question must have at least 300 minimum posts on the RWBY Un-Glued website.

--The account must be in possession of at least 3 normal characters on the site.

Section 2: Creation

-Lab Characters must abide by the following rules during the process of creation. Any character who does not stay within these guidelines is to be either rejected or placed on [Lockdown] until the conditions are met.

--The Lab Character to be created cannot have been modified specifically for combat. Beacon Academy is a place to train people to become Hunters and Huntresses, not for characters who have the ability to kill Grimm easily without attending.

--Lab Character's must be able to exist within the grey areas of Remnant that have not been completely explained. They have to make some sort of sense within universe.

--Even if a Lab Character has wings, they cannot fly. The bone structure of the normal body would prevent them from doing so. Please note that, again, no modification can be specifically intended for combat without reasonable explanation via their Backstory.

Section 3: Approval

-Lab characters are to be approved differently than normal characters in a few areas.

--Lab characters will be read over multiple times by LCAC approval members to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

--Lab Characters are to be approved by no less than 3 LCAC Approval members, one of which must be Paige.

--Any issue found by an LCAC Approval member is to be remedied, and a post confirming the edit is to be made by the account the Lab Character is under before approval can resume.

--An account may have no more than 2 Lab Characters registered to it at a time.

--Approved Lab Characters will be tagged [LC] before being moved into the Approved Characters forum.

As stated in the first paragraph, these regulations are subject to change without notification by RWBY Un-Glued staff. It is the responsibility of the user to check these guidelines before posting a character. Characters approved before a new edit is pushed out are exempt from any new changes to the rules.

Latest Draft: 6/20/2015 6:01 PM MDT

Leaf Konimee- The Lovable, Pervy Koala
Cruciffix Ace- The Stealthy, Slutty Assassin
Koi Akario Raine- The Traumatized Sadist
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Melody Aegis- The Railgun
Mizu Furutsu- The Melon Witch
Rin Tachibana- The Grimm Reaper
Ishini Kyruu- The Big Bad Wolf
Kuro Kitai- The Feline Mercenary
Garnet Clann- The Chain-Blade Twin
Shizu Tensai- The Investigator
Kasai Furutsu- The Elementalist
Tyler Takehiko- The Arma-Kata Trainee
Sylvanas/Amaranthe Nightshade- The Sociopath
Shiranai Huzaki- The Blade Princess

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