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Shira Huzaki, The Blade Princess

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Shira Huzaki, The Blade Princess

Post by Reaper on Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:00 pm


Name: Shiranai "Blade Princess" Huzaki

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Call Sign/Symbol: A small and ornately carved music box

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): Second Year Student at Beacon

Exactly as displayed in the picture, although there are normally two katanas strapped to the back of her waist.

Born and raised in Atlas by a wealthy family, Shira led a normal, peaceful life expected from one of her heritage. Her mother was a doctor, and her father was quite the local hero. Her father before her was a Huntsman, and then his father and so on. So by the time she was 12 Shira had decided to become a Huntress all on her own, despite the overwhelming protest from her parents that all the fighting should be left to the men. Shira merely brushed these complaints away, however, and after endless studying on her own time, she officially crafted the first of the Twins, the two swords that launched her into fame. The first blade crafted was Cobalt, the blue-bladed sword that Shiranai wields with her right hand. By using a wide variety of techniques she learned by reading various manuscripts and documents she stole from her father, Shira learned all that she could about Dust and Grimm within three years. At the age of 15, tragedy struck the Huzaki family. On a routine visit to the hospital where her mother worked, the car Shira had been in was in an accident, and the young girl was abducted. In the months following, Shira was abused, tortured, and subject to the most cruel punishment thinkable. And yet she defied all expectations. Only 7 months after her abduction, Shira appeared on the doorstep to her family's manor. She had blood all over her hands, and she was clutching a katana in each of them, the blades dripping and dyed a deep crimson as she panted. A distance behind her were the bodies of Richard Grey and Malcolm Finch, two men associated with the Platinum Spear. The Spear was a criminal organization that had made deals with numerous other syndicates, including the Band of Evolution.

The night she returned home, Shira stayed up to craft Onyxia. The black and crimson broadsword that completed her Vengeful Twins. When she turned 17, her parents enrolled her in the best Huntsman Academy that Atlas had to offer, and she received exquisite training despite being quite and sometimes rude during her first year. The events of the summer are confusing at best, with several eye-witness reports stating that men bearing the mark of the Spears attempted to abduct the Huzaki girl once more, but instead finding themselves dead on the ground. Recent records reveal that she has been relocated  and is attending Beacon Academy as a second year student.

Behavioral analysis determines that she is now more vocally spoken, but uncaring in her tone and phrasing. It seems that a wide number of students have given her the title of "Blade Princess".

More study needed. CID is investigating signs of Platinum Spear activity in the Vale kingdom. Will report further findings to Lieutenant Green next week.

Detective Jeremy Siles, Atlas FPD

Personality: Shira often comes off as being cruel and uncaring. She tends to push people away rather than embrace them. Her title as Blade Princess is well earned, and her skill with a sword is almost unmatched. The scars of her past run extremely deep, however, and one can quite often see her crying when she doesn't believe anyone is looking. She behaves as though she is above everyone else, and as such has quite the hot streak with the student body.

+Expert swordswoman
+Semblance improves reaction time
+Dual-Wields very well

-Bringing up her past results in heightened stress levels.
-Semblance makes her emotionally unstable in certain situations.
-Has no ranged weaponry

Semblance: Darkened State- Places Shira in an extremely calm state while highly boosting her reaction time. In this state, she can block a wide variety of attacks and make her own. However, this state does not raise her movement speed. It lasts for up to 1 minute and has a 20 minute cooldown.


Name:Sinful Blades

First Form: A twin pair of long, supremely sharp katanas with elegantly carved blades. Each blade has its own unique carving, and the hilts are wrapped in black.

Second Form:
By utilizing various methods, Shiranai infused the blades with Fire dust. By sending a very small amount of her Aura into them, she can cause the blades to erupt into fire, dealing bonus damage with each attack.

History: Once the prized blades of a high-ranking Platinum Spear officer, Shira confiscated them when he wasn't looking and then proceeded to kill him with his own blades. She doesn't know what the blades were used for before she obtained them, but she does know that they have plenty of blood on them.


Name: The Vengeful Twins

First Form: Cobalt- A blue-bladed broadsword with a black handle and crossguard. It Is infused with Ice dust to allow
it to freeze itself and the air around it to sub-zero temperatures.

Second Form: Onyxia- A crimson-bladed broadsword with a blackened handle and crossguard. The coloration of both seems to switch based on the lighting. The blade is infused with a dust reported to have the ability to eat away solid material at a slow rate while also diminishing the amount of light around it.

History: Crafted at different times during her life, the Vengeful Twins are her some valuable weapons, and the ones that made her famous. While the blades are weighty, she wields them as though she is dancing, and only draws them when she is set on ending something.

Misc: She is known to wear Dust-infused clothing on a daily basis, and it is theorized that her normal garments are infused with a multitude of types.

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Re: Shira Huzaki, The Blade Princess

Post by Paige weaver on Sun Jun 28, 2015 8:55 pm

change the semblance to a 1 minute long effect with a 20 minute cool down.
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