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Cruccifix Ace- The Silent Killer

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Cruccifix Ace- The Silent Killer

Post by Drae on Fri Sep 12, 2014 5:38 pm


Name: Cruccifix Ace

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Human/Owl Faunus Hybrid

Call sigh/symbol: A small white feather set against a red background

job/student year if your a student: Second Year Student/ Assasin

Appearance: Cruccifix has dark purple hair usually tied back into a ponytail. She is normally seen weaing thermal clothing that protects her from heat-targeting weapon sights and guided projectiles, as well as block her Aura. Leaving her completely undetected. This clothing is normally in the form of a black jumpsuit, with a fur coat and knee-high boots of the same color. She also wears a black handkerchief around her neck, which is pulled up to cover her nose in mouth when she is in battle.

History: Raised by a small group of villagers in the southern mountains of the Hell’s Peak Mountain Range located within the kingdom of TwinSpire. She was raised to be one of the many assassins the village, named Ninja no Sato (Village of Ninjas), was famed for. She quickly adapted to this lifestyle, and started her career as a trained killer when she was only fourteen. At the age of fifteen her semblance was discovered, further strengthening her assassination techniques. When she wasn’t training or killing people, she could normally be seen patrolling the village outskirts for the many dangerous land-based Grimm that lived in the mountains. While she initially had no desire to become a Huntress, when she was 17 she discovered that the village elder had requested a consul with some of the head Beacon personnel. After her audition, it was discovered that her semblance packed a far greater punch than was previously thought, as she was forced to refrain from taking on jobs for a few months prior to her audition. As such she was rather eager to get to slashing things. Upon being accepted into the Academy, her life went relatively unchanged. She never got a team due to her origins, as most people were too scared to look her in the eyes. Now starting her second year, Cruccifix hopes to have a bit better luck than the year past.

Personality: Serious, Cold, and rather distant, Cruciffix generally gives off the impression of not caring when one first meets her. She is calm and calculating, as well as a bit OCD. She will only kill when she knows without a shadow of a doubt that the time is right, and will get rather upset if she doesn’t perform perfectly. Despite this, she has been shown to be an excellent assassin, and is the only person on the Vale Most Wanted list who no one has ever caught a glimpse of.

+Excellent Assassin
+Master Chakram and Knife user
+Clothing protects her from sentries and other robotic military equipment
+Semblance is extremely hard to predict when she fights against a large number of enemies
+Excellent leadership potential

-Doesn’t make friends very easily
-Tends to ask a bit more questions than necessary
-Semblance is relatively useless in a one on one fight.

Semblance: Killing Spree- Causes Cruccifix to disappear in a cloud of smoke before reappearing behind an enemy, severing several vital arteries in the process and causing excessive bleeding to her opponent. She can use this ability to bounce between up to 5 targets at once for up to 15 seconds rather easily. Has a 15-20 minute cooldown, and uses up aura based on the number of opponents she is facing.


Name: Sentence and Execution

first Form: S&E’s primary form is a pair of Chakrams, they are extremely lightweight, and deal damage based on how much Aura the opponent has remaining. The lower the Aura, the higher the damage. They are used with her semblance only if she is facing against one opponent, as they cause a short stun upon impact.

Second Form:

Third Form:

History: Crafted by the village Elder, S&E are Cruccifix’s primary weapons, and are the most easily seen.

Weapon 2:

Name: Judge and Jury

First Form: Judge and Jury take the form of two large, serrated knives located inside the soles of Cruccifix’s boots. They are the most used when she is fighting multiple opponents, as the blades secrete a rather deadly snake venom that can kill a person within minutes. They also cause a near-instant kill when used in conjecture with her Semblance.

History: Crafted by the village Elder alongside Sentence and Execution, Judge and Jury are the most famous of her weapons, due to the deadly venom they utilize.

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