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Arin Windhelm- The Grimm Huntress [LC]

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Arin Windhelm- The Grimm Huntress [LC]

Post by Reaper on Wed Jul 15, 2015 8:23 pm


Name:  Arin Windhelm

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Human/Half-Grimm

Call Sign/Symbol:An image of Remnant's shattered moon, with a sharpened blade running through the center of the vertical plane behind the moon.

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): Second Year Student

“Face Claim”:
Samus Aran- Metroid Franchise
Arin is 5 feet 7 inches in height, and weighs about  152 pounds- all muscle. She is generally seen wearing a light blue jump suit with her revolver seated on a magnetic holster located on her hip. When in combat this usually changes to a black cloak and hood, and her face is usually obscured by a shockingly realistic Beowulf skull mask that covers the top half of her face. When angered her eyes will normally change in color from blue to a bright red courtesy of the trauma she was put through during her forced stay in the Silvershard Laboratory.

History:Arin was born and raised in AegisCorp towns. In cities where one large corporation was the cause for the growth from a small village to a bustling boomtown, one could only be grateful to the company that brought the prosperity upon it, and as such Arin was always in awe of the family that owned it. She was generally unremarkable and her family was nothing of real notoriety. None of her family before her had been Hunters or Huntresses, but instead humble merchants that had traveled from town to town since the first War.

Arin grew up loathing the possibility of that being her life, and dedicated herself towards someday getting the chance to attend Beacon Academy. There were always Grimm near where her family lived, and she was oftentimes an outcast due to her belief that not all Grimm were horrible creatures. Nevertheless she still trained to be a Huntress, although she was determined to be more than a mere Hunter. She sought to find those very few Grimm who didn’t really follow the paths that their kind were set for, and due to this she found a strange kinship with the beasts. Both of them weren’t following the paths that their families were set on.

When she arrived at Signal she quickly found a friend in a young girl whose weapon looked like something that belonged on a ship of some kind during her second year. After a few months of hanging out the girl confessed that she was a member of the Aegis family, and Arin calmly nodded and accepted the fact. A year before she was set to try her hand at getting into Beacon Academy Arin disappeared. Her family didn’t know what had become of her or even where she was.

After reuniting with Melody during the events of Valkyrie, Arin suffered a fate worse than death at the hands of Mr. Romulus Grey. She was strapped to a machine and had large amount of Beowulf blood pumped into her while her friend was forced to watch. After a minute or two of this the Beowulves were killed, and the brief essence that existed after a Grimm’s death was then sucked through the intravenous into Arin herself.
The first transformation was swift and painful.

[Note: The exact scientific knowledge behind Mr. Grey's experiments is not yet completely known, and thus far he has refused to give any inkling as to how he went about his research. All evidence of the science being found was found in a burning pile behind the Laboratory shortly after Arin's rescue, and no knowledge could be gleaned from the papers.]

Personality: Kind, Energetic and even a bit brash sometimes. Arin isn’t afraid to speak her mind about things, and excels in combat as well. She can seem cold and distant to those who don’t know what she’s been through, and due to the nature of her darker side she has developed quite the short temper. She has a strong mentality set in stone that any obstacle can be conquered with enough effort behind it, and is not afraid to remind her allies of this. She is generally able to take charge of a situation fairly quickly, and as such is often the lead player in many battles. It is known that she is a very good guitar player, and has a nice singing voice to boot.

+Quick Draw
+Sharp Shooter
+Light Footed

-Short Temper
-Easily Annoyed
-Shoots First, Asks Questions Later
-A bit headstrong
-Often confused for being an actual Grimm
-Aura is undetectable

Semblance: Controlled Transformation- After the events of Valkyrie, Arin’s semblance changed dramatically in response to the stimuli presented to her. Her semblance changed as a result to allow her more control over her transformations. If she focuses hard enough she can transform one select part of her body into the equal part on her other side. However, if her Aura drops into the red the control will fail, and she will forcibly undergo a full transformation. Uses a small to moderate amount of Aura depending on the size of the body part.


Name: Grimm Captor

First Form: A custom 8-round revolver capable of shooting a wide variety of Dust-based and conventional ammo. After Valkyrie she customized it to be able to fire high-power tranquilizer darts in case she ever loses control of herself.

Second Form:

Third Form:

History: Crafted with Melody’s help at Signal, Captor has been in Arin’s possession ever since.

Leaf Konimee- The Lovable, Pervy Koala
Cruciffix Ace- The Stealthy, Slutty Assassin
Koi Akario Raine- The Traumatized Sadist
Natalie Aegis- The Musical Sniper
Melody Aegis- The Railgun
Mizu Furutsu- The Melon Witch
Rin Tachibana- The Grimm Reaper
Ishini Kyruu- The Big Bad Wolf
Kuro Kitai- The Feline Mercenary
Garnet Clann- The Chain-Blade Twin
Shizu Tensai- The Investigator
Kasai Furutsu- The Elementalist
Tyler Takehiko- The Arma-Kata Trainee
Sylvanas/Amaranthe Nightshade- The Sociopath
Shiranai Huzaki- The Blade Princess

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Re: Arin Windhelm- The Grimm Huntress [LC]

Post by Requiem on Wed Jul 15, 2015 9:13 pm

Having looked at the profile several times before this was posted, I personally see no problems. Of course, we still gotta see what the others say, though~.

Approval 1/3

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