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Leon "Regulus" Chrysos [WIP]

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Leon "Regulus" Chrysos [WIP]

Post by Liekos on Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:57 am

get ready for the wall of text yo

Name: Leon Chrysos (Surface Name) ::: Regulus (White Fang Alias)

Gender: Male

Race: Lion Faunus

Age: Twenty-Four ::: Born August 15th

Eye Color: Gold

Hair color: Gold/Blonde

Height: 6'5" (~195 1/2 cm)

Occupation: Dust Shop Owner (Surface) ::: White Fang Officer/Assassin (Underground)

Appearance: Faceclaim: Ryouta Kise from Kuroko no Basuke
Faceclaim Image:

Versed immensely within martial arts, Leon maintains a heavily toned and solidly built form to behold in general as a result of being heavily skilled within both kung fu (tai chi) and taekwondo alike, all while holding a seventh degree black belt in both combat styles alike- even if it doesn’t quite seem plausible to assume as much from his generally common look, alongside his casual clothing styles. At 6’5" (~195 ½ cm) and weighing in at an approximate, general weight of 197 lbs (~89 kg), all while being able to say that the well majority of that weight is composed by somewhat leaner, he maintains thinner, yet sculpted and toned muscle as a result of his constant and extensive activity within martial arts, as well as his underlying activity within the White Fang. Altogether, his general, natural features represent that of the meaning of his namesake, as well as his Faunus bloodlines, and as such, his hair is of a natural, golden blonde, while his eyes are a striking and truthfully intimidating hue of the very same color- if not just a little bit bolder. Depending on the card stance of his Semblance, however, these colors are subject to change. Such bloodlines are also emphasized by his lion ears and tail alike. His skin is naturally a bit on the paler side, though has tanned slightly through the years as he has become more involved within both professional and personal physical activity alike to maintain his form. It is strewn with a massive map of intricate tattoos that envelope the entirety of his back, as well as the near entirety of either of his arms in the form of sleeve tattoos. The image of the Nemean Lion maintains its position upon his back in ink, while the images of a manticore and chimera appear as sleeve tattoos upon his right and left arms respectively.

As far as clothing styles go, he has two, primary styles; the first and most common of which being his casual wear. When he is managing and attending to his store, he can often be caught wearing a simple, yet slick attire of a buttoned up and long sleeved dress shirt, a pair of chained jeans, and a pair of dress shoes; all of which are black in coloring. Alongside this, he is also likely to wear a pair a belt and a tie, with the former still maintaining a matching and darkened color scheme, and the latter commonly maintaining a color of gold or yellow. During the times through which he’s simply doing whatever business he has outside, however, his clothing style could really range across most things from simple, graphic t-shirts, to full-blown formal wear, or even something a bit more comfortable and leisurely like a hoodie or even a varsity jacket, with his lower body wear shifting between jeans, slacks, and shorts as is necessary.

The other clothing style, however, is strictly for his White Fang alias, known as Regulus. In terms of clothing, he tends to get significantly more flashier and more profound within his style, as if showing himself off and making himself known under his alter ego’s name. When taking the appearance of Regulus, he fancies the appearance of a tailed coat with a primarily white color scheme, alongside a black shirt shirt and pair of slacks to go along with it, as well. Guiding halfway up his calves would be a pair of combat boots - once more of a primarily black hue - and around his waist, there would be several belts secured around his waist; each one hosting many smaller canisters of various types of Dust. Within this specific attire, he will often style his hair up rather than leaving it down as he does within his natural look, and his eyes will be covered by his own White Fang mask for the most part; one that shields the upper half of his face from view, though leaves the lower half more than visible. As was stated earlier, his hair is subject to change, and said changes are often exhibited when he goes by Regulus. Depending on the cards and stances of his Semblance, his hair will shift between red, brown, blue, and green, with his eyes also changing between differing shades of the given colors all the while, too.

Personality: (Personality TBA)


Semblance: Zodiac ::: Dust card influence

Leon’s particular Semblance is actually one of the rarer, hereditary cases in regards to his own family. Long story short, he has a set of twelve Dust cards; each one attached with a particular element - as well as their own special effects - when drawn and activated. As could be assumed based off of the simple title and calling of his Semblance, each of these cards represent one of the star signs, and each card is representative of its own, respective element and weaponry- meaning that the Cancer card is associated with water; Capricorn is associated with earth; and Aquarius is associated with air. So on and so forth. Due to personal preference, he often begins his Semblance usage with the Leo card drawn, and as such, is influenced by fire- and in the cases that he uses it when out of his alias, he will only ever strictly use that very same Leo card. Only one card can only ever be in use at a given time, and each draw is randomized. These cards do run out of dust and must be recharged at select intervals if used to its complete drainage, so shifting through each card is a must through extensive fights.

It should be noted that, at its base, the weaponry formed by select signs are actually somewhat fragile. Although Leon has a larger and stronger aura reservoir to maintain them, their durability depends on the amount of aura imbued within a given weapon, so he can maintain the form of a weapon longer in exchange for a more apparent and significant aura drain.

”The Fire Signs”:
When a card pertaining to one of the fire signs is drawn, Leon will become influenced by fire. These signs will form weapons composed of fire dust, and will give him a decent degree of resistance to warmth and fire, as well as a strength boost. As such, he will be somewhat more vulnerable if another were to launch a successful, water-based attack at him. When a fire sign is drawn, his hair and eyes will shift into varied hues of red.

Aries: The weapon associated with the Aries card is a mace, which allows him to compose the aforementioned weapon at will during the duration of the Aries drawing. Out of the fire signs, this sign seems to give him the largest boost in strength, though in turn, it drains the Aries card of its dust much quicker, and is able to be used for less time in comparison to the remaining fire signs.

Leo (Default): The weapon associated with the Aries card is an axe, allowing him to compose a fire-based version of the aforementioned weapon during the Leo drawing. Alongside this, however, it also enables him to utilize fire dust to perform ranged attacks from a distance so long as the axe itself isn’t in play, so he could exchange his hard hitting for swifter and rapid ranged attacks and vice versa.

Sagittarius: The weapon associated with the Sagittarius card is, of course, the bow and arrow; a signature of the given sign. As such, a fire-based bow will be composed, and when he focuses enough, Leon will be capable of forming and shooting arrows composed of a mix of his own aura, as well as fire dust. The Sagittarius exchanges the harder hitting aspect of the offensive fire sign cards for distance, labelling him as somewhat of a sniper in this form.

”The Air Signs”:
When a card pertaining to one of the air signs is drawn, Leon will become influenced by air. These signs will spawn weapons composed of air dust, and will enhance his speed. As such, he will be somewhat more vulnerable if another were to launch a successful, earth-based attack at him. When an air sign is drawn, his hair and eyes will shift into varied hues of green.

Gemini: The weapons associated with the Gemini card are the chain and sickle. The heaviest hitting card among the air signs, though not nearly close in strength to any of the fire signs. Rather than using the speed boost granted by the air signs to move quicker upon his feet, Leon often utilizes it to shoot his sickle quicker through the air when thrown, and to also reel it back quicker when drawing it back.

Libra: The weapons associated with the Libra card are a dual pair of tonfas. Rather than relying on strength alone, the Libra card seemingly focuses more upon the speed of the air signs, and as such, the speed boost is the most apparent when Libra is drawn. Leon’s movements will be significantly quicker compared to the other two air signs in general; be it upon his feet, or through strikes within the arms and fists.

Aquarius: Seemingly striking a balance between the weaponry of the two signs, the standalone weapon associated with Aquarius is a fencing sword. With decent speed and decent strength alike, Leon is capable of swiftly thrusting his fencing sword forward within quick concession as a result of his natural speed before using his agility boost within a single burst, rather than an ongoing passive similar to the Libra card. The agility boost will allow him to lunge forward and jump back at swift speeds and over reasonable distances.

”The Water Signs”:
When a card pertaining to one of the water signs is drawn, Leon will become influenced by water or ice. These signs will not spawn weapons, though will give him a decent degree of resistance to coolness, as well as other abilities to utilize as needed. As such, he will be somewhat more vulnerable if another were to launch a successful, lightning-based or fire-based attack at him depending on which element is in effect with a given sign. When a water sign is drawn, his hair and eyes will shift into varied hues of blue.

Cancer: When the Cancer card is drawn, Leon is enabled the ability to form a sort of shell with the use of ice dust, rather than water dust. While the defensive capabilities of this shell armor aren’t nearly as strong as those of the earth signs, it can definitely still help in blunting physical damage. In turn, however, fire-based attacks will likely be somewhat more effective as a result of the armoring being composed of ice from the respective dust type.

Scorpio: See the description for Cancer, though replace the ice dust with water, instead. Elemental vulnerability is shifted from fire to lightning and general electricity, though his reflexes seem to be higher with the Scorpio card in effect and in comparison to Cancer.

Pisces: For the most part, Pisces doesn’t quite do much aside from boosting Leon’s reflexes, enhancing his cooler temperature resistance, and his water resistance. Due to the fact that it seems to be the minimalist among the water signs, however, his resistances and reflex enhancements seem to be even more profound with the drawing of this card.

”The Earth Signs”:
When a card pertaining to one of the earth signs is drawn, Leon will become influenced by earth. These signs will not spawn weapons, though will give him an enhanced degree of durability and stamina that allows him to both deliver and take hits at longer and higher degrees. Like the water signs, they will also give him access to select abilities pertaining to the earth element. As such, he will be somewhat more vulnerable if another were to launch a successful, water-based attack at him. When an earth sign is drawn, his hair and eyes will shift into varied hues of brown.

Taurus: Out of the three earth signs, Taurus seems to be the most hard hitting in exchange for Leon’s natural speed. The Taurus may not be nearly as durable as Capricorn, and may also hold a slightly lower pain threshold and endurance than Virgo, but it should still be known that Leon uses the anchor tactic when Taurus is drawn anyways- meaning that he waits for another to approach him as a result of his decreased speed, tank a hit if necessary and to the best of his abilities, and then launch a recoil and retributional attack while the target is still within the distance to do so.

Virgo: The balance between Capricorn and Taurus; Virgo offers somewhat equal parts of both offense and defense alike. By virtue of being an earth sign, his speed will be decreased with the drawing of Virgo, though both his power and defense will be at relatively balanced and equal levels, all while being enhanced all the same.

Capricorn: While Taurus plays its role as the hard hitter, Capricorn reflects it by acting as the all around protector among all of the cards. With the highest endurance and stamina enhancement, Leon is enabled the ability to take much stronger hits for a longer period of time when Capricorn is drawn, as well as to dish them out around the level of his common strength. If he had been reasonably wounded and hindered prior to the drawing, then the pain will temporarily fade and be dulled. If the card is switched away and isn’t replaced by another earth sign, however, then the pain that he felt prior will gradually begin to return on top of the dulled pain and damage that he suffered while this card was drawn.

Weapon Appearance (First): Gateways ::: Semblance conduit gauntlets

At its base, the Zodiac Gateways take the form of a duo of layered bangles atop either one of Leon’s wrists, and are often clipped to his waistband or belt when he doesn’t wear them around within a casual scenario. When using his Semblance out of his alias, he wears both, though only uses the one that his Leo card is kept within. Each bangle maintains their basic form for sake of retaining appearances and identities, though when he participates within White Fang activities, he extends them into their full forms of armored gauntlets that cover the tops of his hands, as well as the majority of the span of his forearms.

Weapon History: One of several Semblance conduits passed down to him throughout his family lineage. Honestly not too much to know about it except for that.

Weapon Appearance (Second): Elementalist ::: A dust-infused bastard sword

Like was stated, Elementalist is, in a nutshell, a dust-infused bastard sword that Leon had actually composed within his years at Signal Academy. It maintains a collapsible form that allows him to carry it within a simple bar form located and secured horizontally along the small of his back, though has been altered greatly throughout the years and rarely seen ever since graduating from Signal, and ever since the discovery of his Semblance. As such, those that had seen it in the past likely would not recognize it in both design and color alike- making it his go-to weapon for White Fang activities if he isn’t using a weapon granted to him by his Semblance.

Initially, Elementalist had been nothing more than a simple, silver-bladed bastard sword, but as he began to make alterations to it in order to match his height and wants within the weapon, it eventually became a collapsible bastard sword with select dust mechanics.

Weapon History: As was stated, Elementalist - formerly known as ‘Oblivion’ through at first - was crafted by Leon within his first years at Signal Academy. After a while, it had been kept as his own, secret weapon that he gradually and constantly tweaked in order to host both a different look, and additional dust features to make up for the lacking within his Semblance’s elemental fields.

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