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Jett Kyland

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Jett Kyland

Post by MrBrough on Mon Sep 15, 2014 7:28 pm



Jett Kyland






Half ox faunus

Call sign/symbol:
Family crest:

job/student year if you're a student:

First year (Former mercenary)


Height: 6’ 11”

Weight: 335Lbs

Clothes: Jett is often seen with a black trenchcoat on that stops a little below the waist
With a typical black T-shirt undearneath and black cargo pants as well as black fingerless gloves

Head: Jett has medium length messy black hair bright red eyes and a pale complexion all from his fathers side of the family

Body: Jett has a incredibly muscular build with a lot of muscle definition and small scars all over his body epically his hands

Face claim:


Early childhood: Jett grew up in a town called Snow-Flurry Chasm that most just called Chasm located deep in the mountains near Clear Cliff where he trained and studied with his little brother and sister mother and father until they moved near Clear Cliff because of his little sister’s health problems when he was 12

Clear Cliff: Jett continued to train and study as much as he could at Clear Cliff but soon got frustrated at his lack of advancement due to his inability to frequently train with a master from Chasm so at the age of 15 he left home to wander outside the kingdoms hoping to improve himself through travel

The first half year of travel: Jett was pleased with his progress over the first 6 months fending off the occasional bandit attack and odd jobs he could find until his supplies ran out and he was near death when he was picked up by a mercenary organization that changed the course of his life dramatically

Beginning of the second year of travel: After about a half year of doing small independent work Jett was put in a groupe of other children about his age and started doing bigger contracts

Second year through end of third year of travel: Over the couple of years they worked together and built one of the most impressive dossiers of any team affiliated with the organization and bonded as a team but underneath all this success laid the unfortunate detail that while their main targets were often Grimm or soldiers/militia there had been quite a few civilian casualties due to Jett’s explosive rage which started to weigh on his conscious heavily

Halfway through the fourth year of travel: It's unclear what exactly happened but around this time there was some form of incident that caused Jett to separate from his companions and that is all Jett will say about it

End of travels: After about a half year of wandering around doing independent work he eventually decided to enroll in Beacon figuring it was the best way to abandon his old life


   Behavior:With a few exceptions gutsy have as when he is embarrassed or angry Jett is generally a quite guy.  He doesn't really talk much unless you directly address him preferring instead to quietly remain in the background and when he does speak it is generally concise and rather blunt.  When Jett is embarrassed or uncertain he tends to stammer and blurt out stupid lines if he doesn't just clam up and turn flushed.  On the flip side when he is really angry he will do one of three things.  He will ether one go quiet and simply stare them down with a aura of complete malice.  Two explode and yell and possibly break an object near him or three wich is him retaliating with physical violence.
   In situations demanding tact and delicacy Jett tends to fail rather spectacularly putting his foot in his mouth nearly every time.  
Hobbies: Jett has few hobbies outside of hunting fishing hiking etc so most of the time he has off he just lounges around reading a book about weapons and/or martial arts

Dislikes: Jett has a strong distaste with being constantly pestered by useless chatter or double speak often just refusing to communicate if greatly annoyed.  He also can't handle food that has strong artificial flavors or seasoning due to his diet growing up consisting mainly of fresh meat and vegetables because of where he lived he also can't stand coffee

Misc: Jett is fond of animals particularly of the canine variety.  Is deeply uncomfortable with romance. Highly protective of those close to him

Sexuality: heterosexual


Adaptability: Due to his semblance Jett can function we'll in most combat situations

strong: Jett is really freaking strong not much to say about it

Big: Jett is a pretty freaking huge dude giving him reach and weight

Thick skull: Jett has an abnormally thick skull plate capable of absorbing small caliber bullets because of his fannus heritage

Disciplined: Jett has been training basically his entire life which has given him the ability to stay aware in combat

Extensive combat experience: Due to Jetts past he is used to life or death combat

Bountiful aura: Jett has quite the stockpile of aura at his disposal

Fearless: Jett knows not the meaning of fear or pain in combat allowing him not to panic when the shit hits the fan


Teamwork: He often tries to settle everything by himself without waiting for help

Big: Jett is a pretty freaking huge dude making him a bigger target and a bit easier to dodge

Very little range: other than throwing something like a spear or javelin he has no ranged fighting ability

High cost: due to his semblance it is quite easy to deplete his aura

Unstable: Jett is prone to retaliate to relatively small provocations with often deadly force

Reckless: Jett tends to lose his shit in combat going for the big risk big reward method of fighting with a huge grin plastered across his face

Dense: Jett doesn't understand social relations which to an outsider can be pretty freaking hilarious

Jetts Semblance is basically like chi it allows him to focus and manipulate his aura in a variety of ways. There are basically two ways of using his semblance External and internal.  When jett uses his semblance internally he can affect his body in a variety of ways such as increasing his agility or speed by loosening his muscles and ligaments or strengthening himself by reinforcing his muscles and bones he can even harden his skin to a limited degree.  external uses would be things such as creating a very small shield of concentrated aura or channeling it through dust crystals or into another persons body through physical contact.  Examples of external use would be channeling his aura through a kinetic crystal to create a short range shock wave or driving it through a persons body to bypass armour or damage internal organs.  Jett is also capable of using both external and internal effects simultaneously such as creating a dense aura field in front of his flat hand and manipulating his muscles to move faster to make his blow like a spear with penetrating power or increasing his arm strength and creating a shockwave through Ragnarok (see weapon segment below) to create a crushing punch. The major drawbacks are that it can drain his aura rapidly without proper

Other fun thing he can do with his semblance (will add more things as I think of them):

Super jump: by strengthening his legs and creating a shockwave as he pushes off the ground he can fling himself dangerously fast and far

Massage: As odd as it sounds his ability to project his aura can be used in a manner similar to reiki because of this he always had to give his mom shoulder massages



å knuse (upper body set) and å tråkke (lower body set) sometimes up to 3 spears on his back for throwing purposes

first Form:

Jetts weapons appear as a pair of black plate mail boots (actually made of a carbon fiber substance) with kinetic crystals on the toes and heels and six black bands two above his wrists two above his elbows and two above his knees all adorned with kinetic dust crystals

Second Form:

In their second form the two bands above Jetts wrists unfold into fingerless gauntlets with kinetic dust crystals at each knuckle and at the palms as well as extending halfway up the forearm to connect to the bands above the elbows which unfold  to connect to the gauntlets with a joint at the elbow and a kinetic dust crystal split in half acting almost like a elbow pad.  The boots extend halfway up the foreleg to meet with the bands above the knees which extend down to meet with the boots in an identical manner as Ragnarok but forming knee pads instead of elbow pads.

Third Form:


Jetts weapons were the result of countless hours of self education in the field of creating weaponry and many trips to several cities for parts and dust  and years of piecing together the right mixture of parts and materials

Second weapon:



First form:

Ragnarok im it’s first form is a 3 foot long double edge sword with a abnormally long hilt that is about one and a half foot long. the entire weapon is infused with kinetic dust which has three effects one it helps the blade cut two it causes the wound to be bigger than the blade and three if the blade won't cut it gives the blow impact

Second form:

Ragnarok’s second form is a spear that extends from the hilt to about four meters long and has the same effect as it does in sword form
History: Is a heirloom passed down from his fathers family for generations

Weapon claim (in first form):

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Re: Jett Kyland

Post by lord of pantsu on Mon Sep 15, 2014 7:34 pm

Looks good over powered as fuck so let's just go ok
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