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Melody "Railgun" Aegis

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Melody "Railgun" Aegis

Post by Drae on Sun Sep 21, 2014 3:13 pm

Name: Melody Charlotte Aegis (A.K.A. “Railgun”)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Symbol: A tribal flame burning on top of a light blue, technological background.
Occupation: First Year at Beacon Academy
Appearance: Melody is rather short, clocking in a 5 feet 4 inches and weighing 109 pounds. She has light blue hair, much like her older sister, with eyes of the same color. She tends to tie her hair in two long twintails that reach down to a little below her waist. She is generally seen with a rather large choker around her throat, and generally wears a bright red t-shirt, along with a small skirt. She has two white ‘fins’ over her ears that constantly relay information to her via a pair of contacts she received from her father. While in combat, this changes to a white leotard along with a large white cape, the underside of the cape is a light red, and she gains two white spaulders as well. She also gains a pair of small wings, which allow her HUD display, implemented into her contacts, to give her even more information on the environment, almost excessively. Her Railgun is generally seen strapped across her back, held in place by a Kevlar-reinforced leather strap. She normally keeps her pistols with her at all times
Face Claim (In-Combat Outfit displayed):
Character: Nymph; Anime: Heaven’s Lost Property
History: A year younger than her older sister, Melody was treated fairly well by her parents although was never really included in a whole lot of things concerning the family business. This changed when she was 6, her older sister had begun to spend most of her days inside her room, and as such her parents began to allow Melody to start testing out the newer weapons. However, she was told to test the more… dangerous ones. While Natalie was increasing her accuracy with the Sound Cannons, part of the AegisCorp “Riot Control” line. Melody was testing a different lineup. The AegisCorp Artillery line. The most iconic of these being the AegisCorp Artillery Mark II Railgun. A massive white and black contraption that used up quite a lot of dust for each shot. It was made up of a lightweight alloy so that it wouldn’t weigh down the machines they were to be put on, and as such were fairly easy to lift, despite its impressive size. When she first attended Singal, she was almost immediately bumped up a year due to her combat expertise, which was a bit of a shock to her, as she simply believed that combat was easy for everyone. Obtaining the nickname “Railgun” after demonstrating the Mark II’s impressive firepower in a live combat match, she began to look for other ways to train. This thus led to her asking her older sister for help. And as a rather interesting result, Melody began to develop a complex. More specifically: a sister complex. It was rather small at first, Melody began to appreciate her sister’s company more and more each day, until the day Natalie left for Beacon. Melody nearly had a breakdown, convinced that she wouldn't see her sister for at least another two years. It was this that allowed her to push herself to become stronger, and more skilled, with her weapons. She fashioned a new set of weapons to suit her needs. Finally deciding that she was plenty strong, she applied for Beacon, and while at a young age, she was allowed to show what she had learned… rather needless to say, her natural-born skill in combat, plus the added extensive trained she put herself under, made for an extremely interesting show. And as such she was accepted. Now attending Beacon herself as a first year, she hopes to locate her sister, as well as become a Huntress herself.
Personality: Cute, Frisky, Kind, with just a tad bit of Perv thrown in, Melody is the sister you would see in some of the rather ‘different’ anime. She will do anything for her sister, to a fault, and tends to set rather extreme goals for herself, although she normally tends to accomplish these. She is extremely intelligent, and unlike her sister, tends to naturally give off the holier-than-thou vibe. However, despite this she is extremely kind, and won’t hesitate to help her friends. She is able to use what she’s learnt to accurately calculate a person’s path, and aim her Railgun accordingly. While devastating at long range, she can prove to be quite the challenge at close-quarters as well, often due to her managing to get herself into seemingly impossible spots in order to land a precision blow.
-Melody is extremely determined, and will often stop at nothing to get what she wants.
-She has a natural-born affinity for combat, and as such is more at home in a fight than anywhere else.
-She has an undying loyalty to her sister, and her friends at a slightly lower level, and will do anything for those she cares about.
-Seemingly due to her unawakened semblance, she generally doesn’t feel heat at all.
-She tends to overtrain herself
-While she isn’t single-minded about things, she has a tendency to go overboard when she wants something.
-For all her Railgun’s power is worth, if she can’t calculate a person’s path she won’t fire at all.
-Perhaps due to her semblance, she is more susceptible to cold temperatures.
Semblance: As of this current moment, Melody has yet to discover her semblance. However, despite this she is quite powerful in combat, and should not be underestimated. Although all signs point to it being fire-based, due to the unique incidents that seem to follow her which involve things randomly lighting on fire.

Weapon 1:
Name: AegisCorp Mark II Artillery Railgun
Primary Form: The AegisCorp Mark II Railgun is the latest in the company’s war-based weaponry, designed to puncture heavily-armored tanks, structures, and even ships, this weapon is truly a force to be reckoned with. It uses up 2 50-round belts of both Fire and Electric dust, and as such is very expensive to use. It looks more or less like a giant cannon with two large downward-facing spikes on the bottom. These spikes are impaled into the ground when Melody readies the weapon, and are diamond-tipped to allow for maximum piercing. There is a small handle on the back end of the weapon that, when pulled, reveals a small “bay” for the Dust to be loaded into. The weapon’s charge time clocks in at about 2.35 seconds, whereas the speed the superheated plasma beam fires is just a little ways off of the speed a bolt of lightning strikes. This weapon has extremely intense recoil, often causing the person firing it to slide back a few feet along with the Railgun itself. It weighs a little under 60 pounds, a testament to how tough the lightweight alloy used to make it is.
History: Designed as a lightweight, heavy-duty war weapon for Vale, this weapon is what gave Melody her nickname, and is the oldest weapon currently in her arsenal. It’s a few years older than the Mark I Sound Cannon.
Weapon 2:
Name: Railfire and Zero
Primary Form: Railfire and Zero take the form of two Glock 23 .40 caliber pistols. The top part of the pistols a different color for each one. The top part of Railfire is a brilliant red, whilst the top part of Zero is a light blue. The weapons generally fire conventional ammo, however Melody has designed and developed specialized ammo for the pistols, capable of producing impact of a similar scale to the Mark II Railgun, however, the piercing done by the specialized ammo, nicknamed Rail-shot, or RS, is of a much smaller scale than the Mark II is capable of, due to the smaller frame of the pistols. The RS ammo is capable of piecing most conventional armors, and the pistols themselves have Melody’s symbol engraved on the grip.
History: Built by Melody herself, with help from Natalie, these custom pistols are designed to reduce large amounts of recoil, while maintaining the damage of the bullets. This allows her to safely use the RS ammo, as without the heavy recoil compensation, she wouldn’t be able to use the RS rounds without risking bodily injury to herself.

Misc Information:
-Melody generally carries around about 3 rounds worth of ammo for her Railgun, and about 4 clips of conventional ammo for Railfire and Zero. However, she has two clips of RS ammo for each pistol, but only uses these if she deems it necessary.
-As mentioned in her History, Melody has a rather strong Sister Complex, and generally won’t look at anyone romantically, unless its said object of her affections.
-If her emotions become strong enough (Anger, sadness, happiness, hatred, etc.), things around her may light on fire, giving a small clue as to what her semblance may be. The flames are more intense with negative emotions, while they’re calmer with positive emotions. The flames are light blue in color, reinforcing that they are related to Melody’s semblance.
-She is rumored to be the captain of an airship by the name of ODIN. This ship is said to be of the luxurious Spectre class, and is said to be a product of Mora Industries.


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