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Lord of pantsu's characters because fuck you guys i'm just moving them into one spot to make it hard on any fuck who reads it.

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Lord of pantsu's characters because fuck you guys i'm just moving them into one spot to make it hard on any fuck who reads it.

Post by lord of pantsu on Mon Sep 08, 2014 10:35 pm


Balif Turlson (prefers paige)

18 born 4th day 1st month


wolf faunes


2nd year / part time comic book clerk


Face claim / clothing claim: Utatane Piko from vocaloid

Height : Balif stands at 5' 7".

Weight : Balif weighs 134  pounds.

Hair: Balif has white hair

Eye color: Balif has one blue eye and one green eye.

Extra detail

Balif has a scar on his right shoulder blade from his childhood.

Balif has the ears and tail of a wolf both of which are grey in color.


Balif was born in the fauna's village of clear cliff. Where he spent most of his younger years being bulled by the other children for being a general book worm and a wimp the years of being bulled led to a few scars on Balif and a fear of any one he see's as a bully. Very few people where nice to him one of few was the town's librarian a small mouse fauna's who gave Balif books and a place to read with out fear of being bothered or bullied. As Balif grew he started to spend more and more time in his room and the small library in town gaining a huge amass of knowledge. At the age of 14 Balif watched as the library was burned down by a lighting strike gaining a fear from thunder and lighting.Before the old librarian left town after the library Being burned down he taught Balif how to infuse dust into paper so it can explode and be used as a weapon. Balif mastered this and with his semblance he soon learned he can help fight Grimm so he enrolled at signal where he excelled at his less physical classes and manged to stay under any ones radar by being well not very noticeable.After a his time at signal he went to beacon where he is now.

Balif is a nice person at the core but you would never know that by looking at him do to the fact if you do he would most likely run away do to his Scopophobia ( fear of being looked at).Balif is not much of a talker often studdering when talked to or being quite in tell he get's used to the person he is talking to.  Balif often is reading when he can gaining more knowledge about Grimm and such or practicing new ways to fold paper for better projectile's. Do to his many fear's most see him as a scared wimp.

+Very smart do to his time studying in a library most of his life.
+Very quick do to having to run from bullies during his younger year's.
+His small size make's Balif hard to hit.
+Know's how to use a lot of advanced technology do to the amount of book's he read as a child.

-Has no close up fighting ability.
-Very weak and cant take a hit at all.
-A very weak aura
-Not very sociable and will often hide or ignore people that try to get to know him.
-A big book worm and as such doesn't have any street smart's
-Fear of being looked at.
-Fear of thunder and lighting do to early life experience.
-Fear of people that look like / are bully's

Paper manipulation
Balif can controls paper to change it's shape like origami and move. Balif can only move paper that he has touched once before. Balif must also know how to fold that object by hand before he can with his semblance. For basic shape's it takes ruffly 5 seconds and for harder shapes 10 seconds. Balif can move the paper fast enough with his semblance that mixed with his weapon they explode on contact. Balif can control 50 pieces of paper at once.


Mors Libros

Primary Form:
weapon claim
Mors Libros take's form a book with easy tear pages each page has written on it what type of dust it is (aka Fire on one page will be fire dust). Each page has a dust infusion and when ripped out of the book has fifteen seconds or contact with a surface at a fast rate before it explodes dealing great damage. The pages can be folded while ripped out and not explode.

2000 fire page's
2000 ice page's
2000 water page's
2000 wind page's
2000 earth page's
1 lightning page
total 10001 pages

Made By Balif during his younger years as a weapon to fight off Grimm in his small town.

(Thank you Screedledude for an edited version on the grammar and spelling.)


Rei (Prefers ‘Ghost’)


18  Birth date unknown








2nd year student

Rei stands at 5'9" and weighs 140 pounds (kg:63). Rei has grey eyes with white hair with a slight grey streak in front of her right eye. Rei has a slim build but has the muscles to use her weapon well.


Basic: Rei wears a black cloak that is sleeveless. It goes down to her legs wear it splits into two pieces into her knees. Rei also wears plan back blue jeans with it. Whenever Rei has her cloak on she puts the hood up.
Combat clothes: wears the same thing except with a combat belt and some minor padding on her elbows and knees.


Not much is know about Rei do to the fact that at age 16 she had total amnesia forgetting everything about herself or anyone she might have known before.
Suffering from memory flashes of her old life Rei struggles to figure out who she really is. Rei awoke at a hospital; the doctors asked if she knew who she was or what she knew what she was doing beforehand. Rei's answer was simply "no".
One of the nurse's told Rei where she was found which was in the middle of a field with a weapon and a letter. Rei looked at the weapon first reading the two names on it The first was Story-weaver the second name was Rei.
Rei decided that Rei would be her name because she did not know what else to pick. The letter was an acceptance letter for beacon. Rei decided that beacon would be the best place to start her search of who she really is. Rei went to beacon for her first year training.

How Rei got her nickname Ghost is from one of her teachers during the first year at beacon. Giving it to her due to her being sneaky and her semblance.
Rei rather liked this nickname and decide to keep it now preferring it over her "real" name. Rei had a hard time at first needing to learn a lot of simple things like basic combat and math. Luckily for Rei one of the teachers took a great licking to her tutoring her after classes and helping her catch up to the other students.
Rei still has some problems with general knowledge, and is hoping to find someone or something to help her figure out who she really is.


Unlike Rei's nickname and appearance Rei is a very fun-loving person often very social to a point. The only time she is antisocial is when Rei is fighting or trying to find out about her past. Rei hates it when people ask about her past due to the fact that Rei knows almost nothing about it.

Rei has a weird sense of humor often laughing at thing's she should not. Rei has a very open attitude when it comes to talking about people giving direct responses on if she likes them or not and giving even clearer responses on things she hates.
Rei is a sucker for cute thing such as animals or some people. Rei has a very soft spot for people that have forgotten something getting her in trouble in some case's one such example would be if someone forgot their money at home Rei would help them in tell she realized that they were using her.


Rei is very fast and agile (not to the point of superhuman) able to outrun most other students. Due to Rei's semblance she is very sneaky. Also, due to Rei's speed and sneakiness she is able to run stealth missions really well.


Due to Rei not knowing her past she has a hard time figuring out some things like history or names of famous people.
Rei has only a little aura and a low pain tolerance leaving Rei unable to take much damage.
Rei has random memory flashes that leave her unable to move.
Due to Rei's dependence on her semblance she is not that good at up close combat.



Rei can make her and her weapons and clothing transparent (see thru) for roughly 5 minutes with a 20 minute cool down.  While transparent she can still be touched and seen if in the right light. Such as direct light in the same manor as glass and water she will shimmer slightly showing where she is.

After Rei uses her semblance she is greatly tired for 5 minutes having to take a break or risk serious damage.


Name: Story-weaver

Primary Form:

A 6' tall halberd with the main blade composing 2” inches of the weapon. The weapon is black with a white blade and a small spike on the end of it. The weapon has both Rei's name and her weapons’ name in-graved on the metal poll.


Rei knows very little of her weapon other than it was the first thing she saw and one clue of her past that she knows of.


Name: Ivy

Primary Form:

A hook-shot gun that can be used to grapple enemies either pulling Rei to them or Pulling them to her, depending on relative weight (i.e. if the enemy weighs more Rei fly's into them, if they weigh less they fly towards her.) Ivy can be used as a grapple as well to help climb buildings. Ivy is black except the chain and spear head of the grapple which is green.


Rei made Ivy after her first year of school figuring out that she needed away to close in on enemy's or climb around easier.

Name: Misaki May

Age: 17 First month fourth day

Gender: Female

Species: Fox fanuas

Symbol: A dieing star

Occupation: 1st year student

Hair: black
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 pounds
Face claim: ... _art_2.png

Build: small
Ear length and tail length: ears 3" tail 2'
Normal clothing: normal clothing is same as battle clothing
Battle clothing: red blouse with a nee high black skirt with white sneakers

History: Born in the small moutain village of  Clear Cliff  Misaki grew and learned how to fight and use the land to her favor. At the age of seven she went and explored the near by forest. Where she fell into a ruin of sorts. She explored this place for a great deal of time. Finding wonderful treasure which she gave to her famly to sell and make the village better. One day while exploring this place she found an old weapon a gauntlet which she named the black lotus. Engraved in it was the worlds may the fallen rise in flames. Taking  this weapon she trained with it for many years aspiring to become a master with it prompting beacon to take intrest In her as a student she agreed to become a student and traveled to beacon.

Personality: kind hearted and smart what she lacks in strength is the knowledge to delver a hit in the right spots. she is shy and doesn't do well in big crowds. A bit clumsy when it comes to do anything technical she still try's and try's agein to become better at what ever it is. She often day dreams or space out when she is bring talked to about something that's not "important" to her. Always wanting to help people she often can't do to her shyness.

Strength: Smart as well as the knowledge to delver a hit but not the power to hit hard she is a master of martial arts. Her faunas traits allow her to see in the dark and sense danger. Her time in her village has taught her how to use the land to her favor such as hiding and climbing.

Weakness: Do to her kind heart she does  Not like to hurt people or animals. Also do to her clumsiness she often messes up her dodges and get her self hurt. She also has no range attacks making her useless at close range. Her shyness gets her in trouble when it comes to asking for things or talking to people.

Semblance: Healing light once per encounter misaki can heal her light wounds. (Anything smaller than a limb) She must be siting to use her semblance. While  healing she can't move or talk if hit the healing proses is stopped and part of her wounds are opened again.


Name: the black lotus

Primary Form: It is a glove meant for the right hand. It has a tube that connects to a dust cantaner on her sholder. This weapon uses electricity dust. When used it acts like a taser but in glove form dealing non leathal damage. Inless held on the target for a decent amount of time. instead this weapon is meant to knock out people and grim not kill.

Weapon history: being found in an old temple not much is know about black lotus besides its use by misaki what secrets does this weapon hold is yet to be discoverd
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