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First news letter read now!

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First news letter read now!

Post by Paige weaver on Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:01 pm

First i i'm updating the rules by adding removing rules and finally sorting them better ill post when ever i add or remove rules in news letters.

second i i'm going to change the sites looks here shortly

third i i'm now going to talk to you about how we are going to do graduation we will be doing one at the first of every year (as in real world years) and one somewhere in the middle of the year when it is time i will post a sighed up simply sigh up the chars you want to use for this even and they will go up one year if they are 4th year they will become hunters and can work in the school or you know hunt.

fourth and final for now regarding mount Glenn that new place in the rwbyvers as far as what i'm going to allow here is you may go there but if your char is a 2nd year or 1st they need a teacher with them or a hunter also the underground cave system is allowed to be explored but the WHITE FANG IS NOT THERE. to keep this site somewhat different they will not be there plain and simple other wise have at it.

That concludes this news letter ill be making more of these if you have any questions please ask here and i will answer them don't ask in Skype or irc mostly so if some one has the same question they can read my answer to you. Also if you have any ideas for the site please feel free to post them here theirs no bad idea's and i i'm open for anything.

Your site owner and fellow rper Paige weaver.
Paige weaver

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